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Posted June 10, 2016

Automated UI and Browser Testing on Sauce

Sauce Labs lets you do automated UI and browser testing in the cloud.


Automated UI Testing and Browser Testing on Sauce - Overview

Sauce Labs makes automated testing awesome. Our cloud-based platform helps developers test web as well as mobile native & hybrid applications across hundreds of browser / OS platforms, including iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Sauce supports Selenium, Appium and popular JavaScript unit testing frameworks, and integrates with all of the top programming languages, test frameworks and CI systems.

Why Should You Do Automated Browser Testing?

Testing is an important part of developing web applications that allows companies to ensure they are releasing high quality apps that are bug-free. While all types of testing are useful in checking the quality of code being released, automated UI testing offers specific benefits and is a great way to increase test coverage and efficiently test your app’s UI.

But I already do a lot of unit testing, do I still need to do automated UI testing? Yes! Unit tests and integrations tests are an important part of the development process, but it’s hard to replace “real life” testing of your app with real browsers. Automated UI and browser testing allows you to most closely simulate real usage of your app, and accurately test that the most important paths through your app work. Plus, automated browser testing allows you to test the extra level of complexity that comes with needing to fire up full browsers and applications.

Brought to you by Sauce Labs - Selenium Testing on the CloudSauce Labs' cloud-based testing solution allows you to easily run automated UI and browser testing on the cloud. You can test your mobile and web apps against 700+ OSs and browsers, and easily debug your code using our videos and screenshots.

Cost Savings

When it comes to UI or browser testing, the main alternative to automated testing is manual testing. Manual testing is both slow and expensive, though, since it requires significant human resources to coordinate and run. Automated browser testing can save you money since you can run tests at much greater scale in a fraction of the time. You can save even more money by eliminating the cost and complexity of maintaining your own Selenium grid and moving your tests to the cloud.

Time Savings

Not only can automated testing save you money, but it can significantly increase your speed of testing! Testing manually can take hours or even days, but with a suite of automated UI tests, you can accelerate your tests by up to 10x, reducing total time to just minutes. And, with the added scalability of cloud services, you can reduce that time even more. What's not to love?

Browser/OS Support & Test Coverage

Similarly, automated testing lets you cover vastly more test cases and a much higher percentage of code. This means you can be confident knowing you’ve tested more of your app for errors. Additionally, since automated testing scripts can be run quickly and used over and over, you can easily increase the number of browser/OS platforms you’re testing on - increasing quality and user satisfaction.

Automated Testing on Sauce - Added Benefits

The Sauce Labs platform provides additional features that make testing quicker and easier. Screenshots, videos, and console logs help developers and testers identify issues faster, and built-in debugging tools speed up debugging. Breakpoints allow users to take control of running tests to investigate problems. And, for larger organizations, our team management features let you manage testing resources by individual or team and run reports on usage to make your boss happy.

Plus, running your automated tests on the Sauce cloud allows you to scale your testing instantly. Once you’re hooked on automated UI testing, maintaining enough infrastructure to meet your testing demands can be difficult. With Sauce, capacity is instantly scalable, so you can grow your testing along with your product.

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