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Posted September 8, 2015

Automated Mobile Testing with Real Devices


Mobile testing has long been a manual process - limited by the devices you have close at hand or at best, a painfully slow process in the cloud.  Sauce has long had emulators and simulators to let you speed your tests by automating them in the cloud. Sometimes, however, emulators are not enough and you need to test on real devices.  We are happy to announce the public beta of our **Real Device Cloud.That’s right, we’ve put hundreds of Android and iOS devices up in our cloud so you can automate your tests across emulators and real devices with massive parallelism. That means you can now test fast - just break your tests up into manageable bits and run them in parallel. There’s no waiting, there’s no reservation system - they are available and ready to test whenever you are. We anticipate opening The Real Device Cloud by the end of the month so you can start testing all your mobile apps.  Download the datasheet. The Real Device Cloud**

  • Instant Availability - Get access to the most popular* iOS or Android devices with no waiting

  • Over 80 mobile emulators and simulators

  • Massive Concurrency - Run your tests in parallel to reduce your total test time

  • Integrate with your CI tool of choice - automate all your tests using the top CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Team City or Circle CI

  • Test Native, Mobile Web and Hybrid apps

  • Access back end databases - that’s right, you can test your app in our cloud and have secure access to your backend data and websites for a true end-to-end test.

  • Full reporting - instant access to videos, screenshots and all the data for your tests so you can analyse your results quickly

  • Enterprise features - account and team management lets you provision test resources as needed and SSO integration means you don’t have to go to IT to add another tester to your account

  • Professional Services and Training - we have people and partners to help you get started with Appium or if you’re already proficient, our experts can help your team become super users

* The Real Device Cloud will open with Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 phones.  We will be adding more device types in the near future.

Sep 8, 2015
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