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Posted August 30, 2022

August 2022 Product News, Events, and Test Automation Insights

Welcome to The Monthly Sauce! At Sauce Labs, we believe that every experience matters. It’s what drives us to build products that equip our customers with digital confidence in the rapidly evolving world of software development. Read on to learn how our newest features and insights can help strengthen your testing.


Sauce Labs New Features and Enhancements

API Contract Testing: Provide Instant Feedback to Your Development Team

With Sauce Labs API Contract Testing, you can accelerate API-first and microservices development while lowering costs with significant reductions in test bottlenecks, errors in production, and more. Learn more

Speed Up Your Manual Tests with Sauce Labs Recents 

Our newest live testing feature makes manual testing easier by accessing all of your previous test configurations so you can quickly reproduce test scenarios using the same setup. Learn more

Create User Flow Test Scripts with the Chrome DevTools Recorder Panel

You can now record, replay, and measure user flows with the new Chrome DevTools Recorder panel, then export the flows as JSON, Puppeteer, or Puppeteer Replay test scripts to run on Sauce Labs. The tool requires minimal testing knowledge, which makes it easier for developers to create and run user flow tests. Learn more

Events & Webinars

[Webinar] Beyond Uptime: API Performance and Load Testing  

Sauce Labs invites you to an exclusive webinar on September 7, 2022 introducing a breakthrough approach to API load and performance testing that isolates your software components and checks their performance in real world scenarios before going live. Register 

[Event] ASC 2022 Hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative

Sauce Labs is sponsoring the ASC (API Specifications Conference) 2022 hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative from Sept 19-21 in South San Francisco. Jason Davis, VP of Product at Sauce Labs will speak on why OpenAPI-driven testing is a core strategy for any company planning to expand microservices.  Sangit Patel, Lead Solutions Engineer at Sauce Labs, will host a hands-on workshop.  Register

[Events] EMEA Conferences

Sauce Labs is sponsoring several upcoming EMEA events. Register now and join us this fall!

[Webinar Replay] Why Full SDLC Testing Matters for Your Mobile App Development 

Our recent webinar with Sauce Labs’ Mike Donovan, VP of Product, Test Automation, is now available on demand. Learn how a DevOps test toolchain focused on mobile testing can help address common mobile app development challenges so you can release high-quality code at speed. Watch now

[Webinar Replay] Using Chrome DevTools to Record User Flows for Automated Testing 

Listen in as Google’s Jecelyn Yeen, Developer Advocate, Chrome, and Sauce Labs’ Kunal Jain, Director of Product, discuss how to use the new Chrome DevTools Recorder panel to record user flows and create Puppeteer tests to run on Sauce Labs with saucectl. Watch now

[Workshop Replay] Testing for Good: Sauce Labs Virtual Event Supports the Next Generation of Developers

Testing for Good extends existing knowledge and foundations of software development with test automation best practices to the next generation of developers. Our most recent installment featured the experienced Solution Architects team at Sauce Labs, who discussed web, API, and mobile testing for Java. Check it out here and stay tuned for our next TFG October 18-20!

Blog Posts and Other Resources from our Automated Testing Experts

[Video] How DevOTT Can Transform the Mobile User Experience

Sauce Labs’ Marcus Merrell, VP Technology Strategy, joins TechStrong TV in a podcast to discuss how the DevOps Test Toolchain is mission-critical for teams seeking to deliver quality code, at speed. Watch now

[Article] Getting Started with API Contract Testing

Learn how OpenAPI-driven contract testing can help your development team eliminate testing bottlenecks and code errors in production. Read more

[Article] Every Experience Matters, and Privacy Does Too: Sauce Achieves ISO 27701

At Sauce Labs, we’re committed to the data protection and privacy of our customers. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve earned the certification for ISO 27701 across our entire portfolio of products. Learn more

[Article] Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Framework

Choosing the right automated testing framework can help your development and QA teams write and execute tests more efficiently. Check out this guide to compare popular options side-by-side!

[Press Release] Keysight and Sauce Bring Real Device Cloud to Eggplant

Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions, recently partnered with Sauce Labs to deliver cloud-based testing of enterprise applications on mobile devices, browsers, and secure desktops. Read more

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