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Posted February 11, 2022

Announcing the Sauce Labs App for Sumo Logic


Sauce Labs is excited to announce a new integration with Sumo Logic, the Sauce Labs App! We first announced our partnership with Sumo Logic last year, and are now pleased to share the news of this integration, one that delivers standardized charts and tables to provide an overview of how certain tests and applications are running.

With this integration you can track test passes and failures, measure and manage quality metrics over time, and get a holistic view of your engineering practice. Pushing your data from Sauce Labs to Sumo Logic will give you access to dashboards that provide an overview of your QA testing in a single view. You can track the number of passed and failed tests against all of the different OS and browser configurations under test to understand how your team’s tests are performing, all in one place.

Measuring and managing quality metrics over time is an important benefit to highlight because by storing and analyzing longer-term time-series analytics tied to your software testing practice, you’ll gain insights into how effective your development team is at producing high-quality code that is ready for production. Identifying the gaps in the engineering practice allows you and your organization to improve the process for creating higher quality code at speed.

Putting this integration into place can help you and your team achieve the goal of delivering digital confidence to your users - and the data and insights you will derive from this integration can help drive the creation of a more efficient engineering practice. Learn more about the Sauce Labs App on the Sumo Logic website. Here are a few screenshots to get you started:

Sauce Labs Test Status Visibility

Overview of Passed and Failed QA Tests

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Feb 11, 2022
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