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Posted April 8, 2016

Announcing Sauce Connect Launcher


We’re proud to announce the release of Sauce Connect Launcher!

Sauce Connect is a secure tunnel which lets users run tests against applications behind the firewall or on localhost. You can use Sauce Connect to run both manual and automated tests.

Sauce Connect Launcher (SCL) is a Firefox add-on which allows you to run a Sauce Connect tunnel directly from Firefox. With SCL you don’t have to download Sauce Connect or go to the command line to install and run Sauce Connect. A common use case for this tool would be to use the Firefox add-on to launch a Sauce Connect tunnel and then run a manual test from Firefox on localhost.

To use the tool, simply download the add-on from the Firefox marketplace. When prompted, input your Sauce username and access key (these can be found on your User Settings page).

Once this is done, to launch a test simply go to Tools > Web Developer > Launch SC.

Now start your tunnel. You can stop the tunnel by going to Tools > Web Developer > Shutdown Sauce Connect.

Once this tunnel is established, you can run tests on local host.

Happy Testing!

Apr 8, 2016
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