mobile app testing

Real mobile devices and emulators/simulators for the most comprehensive testing strategy

Ensure that your mobile apps and APIs work as they should in real-world scenarios, on any device, any browser. Accelerate mobile releases with comprehensive device coverage, secure app distribution, easy collaboration, and faster feedback across your development cycles.

Emulators and simulators

Achieve Quality at Speed Throughout the Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Sauce Labs end-to-end mobile testing solutions provide you the speed, confidence, and collaboration tools you need to deliver better web, hybrid, and native mobile apps to the market, faster.

Real and virtual devices

Real Device Cloud

Expedite automated and live testing for your mobile apps with Sauce Labs public and private Real Device Cloud. Reduce the operational burden and costs of maintaining an internal device lab, and test your mobile apps across the widest range of real devices.

Reproduce bugs easily

Mobile Emulators / Simulators

Reduce build times and run automated tests on your mobile apps early in the development cycle with our Android Emulators and iOS Simulators that are easy to scale, highly reliable, and economical.

Mobile app distribution

Mobile App Distribution

Manage your iOS and Android app distribution while optimizing mobile app development and mobile beta testing processes. Get real-time user feedback to understand how your application is functioning - as well as debug issues faster. Deploy in a highly secure and policy-compliant environment.


Mobile API Testing

Mass generate end-to-end API tests that check entire API flows and side effects to accurately capture real mobile user scenarios that change based on the consumer, device location and user behavior. Automate the tests with or without a CI/CD pipeline. Reuse tests as functional monitors for internal and public APIs.

Elevate Your Continuous Testing Toolchain

Get started in a flash by using your preferred test automation framework and CI/CD platforms with any Sauce Labs mobile testing tools. Increase testing efficiency and mobile developer velocity while centralizing visibility across all QA workflows. Learn more about mobile app testing.



Run your Appium tests in the cloud on thousands of Android and iOS devices to test native and hybrid apps, as well as mobile websites



Build and execute XCUITest test suites on thousands of iOS devices via the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

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Build and execute your Espresso test suites on Android emulators or thousands of real Android devices


Connect your Workstation to our Real Device Cloud

Gain the flexibility on our private Real Device Cloud to use your homegrown development and testing tools. You can build and deploy applications directly from your IDE

Completed tests

Achieve Quality at Speed

  • Accelerate test execution by running high volumes of real device tests with low error rates
  • Reduce build times and iterate more frequently early in the development lifecycle by running functional tests across a wide variety of emulators and simulators
  • Debug faster with rich test assets including videos, screenshots, and logs. Understand and fix issues faster with detailed crash reports and session video recordings that provide user-behavior and pre-crash insights
Driving innovation

Innovate with Confidence

  • Cover the entire breadth of mobile use cases, and test as your users, with the flexibility to scale mobile testing on emulators/ simulators and real devices
  • Extend coverage and ensure your tests keep up with constantly-evolving mobile platforms with the most comprehensive support for devices and OS on Sauce cloud
  • Get real-time user feedback and release iterated app versions quickly with a highly configurable and secure app distribution platform
Small teams

Collaborate Better

  • Easily integrate Sauce Labs into your delivery pipeline to enable collaboration for quality
  • Allow developers and QA teams to create consistent feedback loops throughout all phases of mobile development, including production
  • Connect all quality stakeholders together to get visibility into the application quality
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