mobile app testing

Build the most comprehensive mobile app testing strategy, from development to production

Release better mobile apps to the market faster with extensive device and test coverage, streamlined beta app distribution, best-in-class error monitoring, and continuous feedback loops throughout your app development cycle. Ensure that your mobile apps work as they should in real-world scenarios, on any device, any browser, every time.

Emulators and simulators

Achieve quality at speed throughout the mobile app development life cycle

Sauce Labs end-to-end mobile quality solutions enable organizations delivering mobile apps in the modern era of DevOps-driven development to achieve quality at speed throughout all stages of the app development journey - from development to production. No matter your testing needs,the application type you are developing, or your role in the mobile app SDLC, we've got you covered!

Real and virtual devices

Real device cloud

Expedite automated and live testing for your mobile apps with Sauce Labs public and private Real Device Cloud. Reduce the operational burden and costs of maintaining an internal device lab, and test your mobile apps across the widest range of real devices.

Reproduce bugs easily

Mobile emulators & simulators

Reduce build times and run automated tests on your mobile apps early in the development cycle with our Android Emulators and iOS Simulators that are easy to scale, cost-effective, highly reliable, and optimized for CI/CD pipelines.

Mobile app distribution

Mobile app beta testing

Optimize your beta testing processes and streamlining Android and iOS app distribution with an all-in-one and highly-secure platform. Iterate and release higher quality apps faster, with real-time video sessions, intuitive in-app bug reports, and more.


Error monitoring & reporting

Capture, prioritize, and quickly resolve application errors in development, test, beta, or post-release. Mitigate application risk with a deeper visibility into the root cause of application failure, high-fidelity error data, and powerful crash analytics.

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Elevate your continuous testing toolchain

Get started in a flash by using your preferred test automation framework and CI/CD platforms with any Sauce Labs mobile testing tools. Increase testing efficiency and mobile developer velocity while centralizing visibility across all QA workflows. Learn about choosing the right mobile test automation framework with this comprehensive guide.



Run your Appium tests in the cloud on thousands of Android and iOS devices to test native and hybrid apps, as well as mobile websites



Build and execute XCUITest test suites on thousands of iOS devices via the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

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Build and execute your Espresso test suites on Android emulators or thousands of real Android devices


Connect your Workstation to our Real Device Cloud

Leverage the flexibility of our private Real Device Cloud to build and deploy applications directly from your IDE

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Achieve quality at speed

  • Achieve continuous testing, no matter your testing need (live, automated, beta, API), the test automation framework in use, or application type in development
  • Accelerate test execution by running high volumes of real device tests with low error rates
  • Benefit with high parallelization, improve test coverage, and find bugs early, by easily running high volumes of functional tests
  • Debug apps faster with rich test assets, real-time test and user insights in beta, and best-in-class error monitoring & reporting in production, and across environments
Mobile Development

Innovate with confidence

  • Cover the entire breadth of mobile testing use cases with emulator/ simulators, real devices, and real-users
  • Extend coverage and ensure your tests keep up with constantly-evolving mobile platforms with the most comprehensive support for devices and OSs
  • Get real-time user feedback and release apps in shorter development cycles with highly secure and all-in-one (Android and iOS) mobile beta testing
  • Mitigate application risk by quickly remediating app errors in development, test, beta, and gaining better observability for cross-platform apps
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Collaborate better and faster

  • Easily integrate into your delivery pipeline to enable collaboration for quality
  • Connect all quality stakeholders together to get complete visibility into application quality
  • Allow developers and QA teams to create consistent and faster feedback loops throughout all phases of mobile development, including production
  • Utilize seamless integrations that span across all major CI/CD, issue tracking, observability, support, and team communication tools


Resources to help you learn more about our security processes and get started with different mobile testing frameworks and strategies.

Get a comprehensive guide to mobile app testing

If you are just starting on your mobile testing journey or making the move to automated testing, we’ve got you covered! Get started with mobile app testing.

Test your mobile apps on a security-first cloud

Get a secure cloud platform, protect your sensitive data, and leverage that extra layer of security with the Sauce Connect Proxy™. View the Sauce Labs security whitepaper.

Solve the key challenges in your mobile app SDLC

Learn how you can overcome the varied challenges modern mobile teams face in the mobile app development and testing journey. Download the white paper.

Better together: real devices and emu/sim

Learn why the best-of-breed mobile QA environments require automated testing with both emulators & simulators, and real devices. Download the white paper.

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