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Our Team’s Projects


Our very own Jason Huggins is the creator of Selenium, which is a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms.

Several people on the Sauce Labs team are involved in Selenium's development Santiago Suarez Ordoñez is a core contributor to Selenium's documentation.

Sauce Labs sponsors development of Selenium IDE, and is mentoring several Selenium projects for Google Summer of code.


Adam Christian co-created Windmill, a web testing tool designed to let you painlessly automate and debug your web applications.

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Flex Pilot X

Adam Christian also works on Flex Pilot, and Flex Pilot X - bindings to test Flex and Flash in Selenium. We support these tests in our OnDemand service - see our flash/flex guide for details.


Sean Grove works on SpecStorm, which allows you to run your Selenium tests concurrently (at the file-level) without colliding with one another, with almost no changes to your current rspec selenium specs.


Sean McQuillan contributes to Paisley, a CouchDB client written in Python to be used within a Twisted application.

Some of Sauce Labs' Projects



Monocle straightens out event-driven code using Python's generators. It aims to be portable between event-driven I/O frameworks, and currently supports Twisted and Tornado.

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