Sauce Team: Making Testing Better for Teams of All Sizes!

Posted Jul 16th, 2013

Over the past few months, we spent a lot of time talking to Sauce users, asking how we could make life easier for their whole team. They told us they wanted a faster, easier way to find info about the mobile, JS, and Selenium tests that failed in recent builds, and tools to more effectively track usage across their teams and organizations. In response, we've cooked up Sauce Team, a set of features designed to make collaborating around Sauce easy and useful. running_build Our completely redesigned account dashboard and test results page give you better insight into the status of your team's tests and builds, so you can debug faster than ever before. We made Sauce Team to help all users, but we find it particularly helpful for companies running lots of tests across multiple builds as part of a CI system. Here's what's new with Sauce Team:

Account Dashboard

account_menu The new account dashboard makes it simple to check your minutes, and update account and billing info. Our previous account menu was becoming cluttered, so the in the new design we focused on grouping functionality into sensible categories, and keeping this menu succinct and helpful.

Test Results

Test results are now organized by build, with the failed tests displaying first in the list of results. This simplifies finding the tests that matter the most, and provides a better way to dig through a few recent builds to find the one you're investigating.

User Management

team_usagehere. Once you've signed up, look out for a notification on your account page to opt-in to the new design! We hope Sauce Team makes test diagnosis and collaboration easier for your team. Enjoy, and happy testing!

Written by

Steven Hazel