Sauce Mac OS X Private Beta Signup!

Posted Aug 23rd, 2011

From the creation of Sauce OnDemand to the recent release of Sauce Scout, the most popular feature request from users has been OS X support. Well, we're stoked to say that the wait is almost over. We are readying a very early version of Mac OS X support in our browser testing cloud.

(In case you're wondering, we will resist the incredible temptation to call this new offering "apple sauce").

If you’re willing to give us tons of feedback, and will be patient with growing pains, please sign up!

Like the rest of our cloud testing services, each Mac OS X session will include the browser testing features you're familiar with. You'll get a video of each session, and can take screenshots at any time. With every new test session, you get a clean-slate, freshly booted machine to control. And when the session is over, we delete the virtual machine, so there's no lingering data left behind on the machine to worry about.

The Mac OS X private beta will initially be limited due to available systems and we’ll contact you as resourcing permits. First priority will be given to corporate users.

Written by

Jason Huggins


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