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Every framework, browser, OS, mobile device, API. At every step, from design to deployment. For the best customer experience, just add Sauce.

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Features overview

Live, automated and continuous testing for web & mobile
apps on the world's largest cloud-based test platform

Web and mobile applications
Real and virtual devices
Test analytics
  • Test websites and mobile apps

    Relax as your tests run across hundreds of browser and OS combinations, ensuring your websites and mobile apps work flawlessly with every release.

  • Test on real and virtual devices

    Ensure flawless customer experience by testing across the widest range of browsers, OSs, real devices, and mobile emulators & simulators.

  • Seamless DevOps integrations

    Seamlessly add automated testing to your CI/CD pipeline with better insights into each software build using plug-ins for the most popular DevOps tools.

  • Advanced analytics and tools

    Advanced analytics let you pinpoint test failures, and debugging tools help dev teams quickly identify issues, improving release velocity.

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Creating a world of digital confidence

Only Sauce Labs provides the visibility, analytics, and expertise needed to deliver flawless digital experiences and better products to market, faster.

Automate tests at every stage throughout the development cycle.

Release more quickly and improve developer productivity.

Interactively test & debug websites and real mobile devices.

Driving innovation

The leader in continuous testing

Digital confidence requires continuous testing. As the originator of the cloud-based automated testing category, you'd expect Sauce Labs to be the leader in continuous testing - and you'd be right. Our vision is to ensure that organizations have the utmost confidence that their web and mobile applications will look, function and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device - every single time

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Test your website and mobile apps across thousands of browser, OS and real device combinations on the world's largest Continuous Testing Cloud.

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