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Posted January 24, 2023

Run Manual Tests with Enhanced Audio & Video Streaming on iOS Apps with Sauce Labs

How can you ensure that your apps look and sound the same on every device and browser? In this blog post, we discuss how Sauce Labs live testing with enhanced audio and video streaming capabilities for native iOS apps can help.


Mobile development teams are under intense pressure to deliver the seamless experiences that users expect. The high consumption of digital content is accelerating the urgency to catch errors and bugs before customers do. According to the Sauce Labs Every Experience Matters report, one in five consumers that encounter errors in a website or app will abandon it without waiting any amount of time. 

While the stakes for delivering apps that “just work” are high for all app developers, certain industries rely more on the audio and video quality of their apps to keep users happy and engaged.

Why is it Important to Test Your Mobile Apps’ Audio-Visual Quality?

Playback services, gaming applications, and cloud-connected devices are becoming increasingly dominant in today’s digital landscape. To ensure a seamless customer experience, it’s critical to test your mobile app’s audio-visual quality throughout the development lifecycle.

With Sauce Labs, you can run live (manual) tests in our Real Device Cloud to confirm that your app’s video streaming and audio capabilities work as expected. You can test your app’s special effects, animation, music, video playback, transitions, and interactions. 

Let’s dive into some key features and how this works.

Capture and Record Video and Audio for iOS Apps with Sauce Labs Live Testing 

Audio capture and video streaming testing in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud allows you to capture and record the video and audio stream generated by native iOS apps.  This allows you to test on interactive, video streaming, and multimedia apps to ensure compatibility across different browsers and device configurations. You can also test audio sound effects in real time.

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How to Test Audio-Visual Quality on iOS

Integrate with VoiceOver to Optimize Accessibility 

Audio interaction playback is becoming an essential aspect of UX design as accessibility initiatives gain momentum. App developers in particular are tasked with making products more accessible to ensure regulatory and compliance standards are met.

Taking an accessibility-led approach creates a culture of inclusivity, breaks down barriers and provides a better experience for all users. By being proactive, your team can circumvent the need to backtrack and embed accessibility post-production. Features like VoiceOver, Apple’s gesture-based screen reader, ensure all iOS/iPadOS users enjoy the same experience. Sauce Labs can integrate VoiceOver to enable audible descriptions of what’s on the screen.

Audio and Video Streaming Test Cases By Industry

Better video streaming quality and audio capabilities are valuable across industries, but particularly important for customers in the following industries. Here are some test cases to incorporate into your manual testing strategy.


Video and sound quality affect a gamer’s enjoyment and performance on mobile apps. Developers in the gaming industry should take steps to ensure that the correct sounds and jingles play, and that they sync with animation.  

Verify that:

  • The sound is turned on/off from the game itself.

  • The intended sound effect is being played.

  • Sounds are played in sync with an animation.

  • You are using the correct sound files.


Video streaming and audio should work well for the user, the business and the ad serving entity. Developers in the media industry should ensure the user experience is seamless to maximize revenue opportunities. 

Validate that: 

  • The correct audio track is played during the video stream.

  • The quality of the audio is meeting KPIs.

  • Audio is playing in sync with the video stream. 

  • The audio stream stops when the video is paused.


Students are increasingly consuming content through audio. Cues from voice and sound can help students learn a new language and help them to understand their next action in educational app games. 

Make sure to:

  • Test voice and sound cues for educational apps.

  • Check content syncs audio flows for podcasts.

  • Assert audio-visual playback is available in various regions.

  • Verify students can rewind/fast-forward during any audio-visual tutorial.


Test that apps play the expected music, sound effects or video sounds by ensuring that: 

  • App delivers smooth streaming and consistent audio content. 

  • Audio is in sync with video.

  • Sound is not distorted or delayed. 

  • Audio remains stable under long-term connections.

  • Audio and video quality perform across different network environments.

Get Started with Sauce Labs Live Testing Today

A winning mobile app needs smooth streaming and audio capabilities to retain the loyalty of its users. The higher the stakes for delivering apps that just work, the greater the need to perform rigorous testing throughout the mobile app development lifecycle. 

Live testing with the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud provides the comprehensive coverage and robust capabilities you need to get it done. Sign up for a free trial and test your app’s video streaming and audio capabilities today!

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