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Posted March 30, 2022

Every Experience Matters: How Common are Bugs on a Mobile App?

Sauce Labs believes in a simple truth: your customers expect a flawless experience every time they interact with your software. We’ve mapped this out in our new customer report: Every Experience Matters. Within the report, you will find a deep dive into customer behavior and how it pertains to digital activity. The bottom line is that when customers experience bugs within a company’s web page or mobile apps, they become less likely to return. But just how damaging can a negative experience be? We’re glad you asked!


Welcome to the new Sauce Labs series ‘Every Experience Matters Stat of the Week.” In each part of this series, we will introduce a new statistic that proves that your business needs to deliver an excellent user experience every single time your customers interface with your platform or face potentially disastrous consequences. Errors impact customer retention, revenue, and even brand loyalty, by removing these bugs from the system, we put our companies in the best position to succeed.

Today’s stat is…One quarter of consumers will encounter a bug that prevents them from accomplishing a task at least once a day.

On the surface, this stat may feel reassuring. If one out of every four people encounters an error at least once a day, then surely we as a people must be used to them and be quite forgiving. In fact, the opposite is true, as this series progresses you will learn that today’s consumer has zero-tolerance for failure. In fact, one in five consumers will abandon a brand altogether after a negative digital experience. Those that stay are less likely to champion or recommend the brand in the future. But let’s take a step back and look at what these errors can be. An error in the eCommerce space may lead to cart abandonment. This is a modest, if not crushing loss. For a financial institution, a person unable to properly transfer funds could take their entire net worth to the competition.

Do I have your attention now?

The best way to avoid errors in your software is to leverage continuous testing tools. Not only should your company be testing your software to ensure it works properly, but a prudent brand would run a performance test for speed. To some, a slow app will be treated the same way as a buggy one, in fact over half of the users surveyed said they will abandon a task completely after reloading a poorly performing page two or fewer times. Sauce Labs gives companies the tools that can help them catch and address failure before (and during) a push into production. This protects brand reputation and that sweet bottom line. 

Come back next week when we will dive deeper into user behavior when errors are encountered. Spoiler alert, it’s not good.

Mar 30, 2022
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