Real Device Cloud

Test your application in the cloud on real mobile devices. Access thousands of real devices to quickly test your business logic.

Test Your App in the Cloud on Real Mobile Devices

Automated app testing has numerous benefits including faster testing times, more thorough bug detection, and no need for your devs to spend time running individual tests. But unless you test your app on real devices you can't be completely sure it will render properly. However, the sheer number of real devices that would need to be maintained to run functional tests on every platform is just too expensive and time-consuming. With the cloud, you can get access to hundreds of real devices as well as simulators and emulators (to quickly test your business logic). Let Sauce Labs shoulder the burden and reduce your costs and the time devoted to app testing across real devices and emulators.

Sauce Labs is the premier cloud-based app testing service. We run over a million tests per day using Selenium and Appium, open source automated testing platforms for web, hybrid, and native mobile apps. Utilizing the WebDriver API, both Selenium and Appium allow you to test code written in any common coding language including C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, and JavaScript.

Why choose Sauce Labs for cloud-based app testing?

  • Speed - Test in parallel across our devices to speed you tests by up to 10x

  • Increase test coverage - run simultaneous tests across both iOS and Android devices with no limits on the number of devices

  • No Waiting - with over 100 each of iOS or Android devices you can test when you want to no reservation system required

  • Comprehensive - our full suite of emulators, simulators, and real devices means you can optimize your test time and costs

Download the white paper, "Automated Mobile Testing Requires Both Emulators & Real Devices" and learn more about testing on real devices today!


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