What Is A Real Device Cloud?

Posted Sep 2nd, 2021

Choose from these real devices on the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Test your application in the cloud on real mobile devices. Access thousands of real devices to quickly test your business logic.

What is a Real Device Cloud?

A real device cloud is a data center that contains real devices, thousands of them, in all kinds of form factors. The cloud also includes software to connect those devices, on demand, to all kinds of clients, presenting them on a computer or making them available for tools like Selenium or Appium. Traditional cloud computing is, well … cloudy. Exactly what computers are running what services where are obscure, all that matters is disk, memory, and raw processing power. That might work for servers and databases, but when it comes to mobile devices, the exact device matters.

Test your app in the cloud on real mobile devices

Automated app testing has numerous benefits including faster testing times, more thorough bug detection, and no need for your devs to spend time running individual tests. Unless you test your app on real devices, you can't be completely sure it will render properly. You'll also be ignoring a host of problems like heat or battery drain.

When testing mobile applications, there's no replacement for using a real device. The tools available in most browsers' Dev Tools are okay for a quick "look and layout" test, but they come up short when getting to the heart of mobile testing.

The same can be said for simulators and emulators (mobile device code, but running in a PC environment). They do an okay job, but if you need to know how your application works with device memory, processor, storage or battery, these are second class tools.

"What about testing on real physical devices?" you may ask. A quick search on a couple of the top brands of mobile devices will tell you this becomes cost prohibitive very quickly. And you will need a significant annual budget to get the latest and greatest new devices each and every year, as well as maintaining older devices with prior OS versions.

This is where Real Device Cloud comes in.

Test on real mobile devices on demand

With the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, you are connecting to an actual physical device that is connected to the cloud. This allows you to test with the confidence that you've tested on the actual device using its native processor, memory and storage.

As well, there are a number of features that make it preferable to working with the physical device in hand. The ability to do mark-ups, switch devices quickly and easily perform automation tasks are just a few examples.

More details about the Sauce Labs private and public mobile device clouds for testing across iOS & Android devices can be found in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud data sheet.

About Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs the original cloud-based platform for automated and manual testing. Our customers run over 2 million tests per day using Selenium and Appium, open source tools for automating the testing of web, hybrid, and native mobile apps. Utilizing the WebDriver API, both Selenium and Appium allow you to test code written in any common coding language including C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, and JavaScript. Cypress, Puppeteer, Playwright, Espresso and XCUITest tests can also be run on the Sauce Labs platform.

Why choose Sauce Labs for cloud-based app testing?

Speed - test your mobile apps in parallel across multiple devices and OSs to reduce testing time and get feedback to your developers more quickly.

Increase test coverage - run simultaneous tests across both iOS and Android devices with no limits on the number of devices.

No waiting - with over 100 each of iOS or Android devices you can test when you want to no reservation system required.

Download the white paper, "Automated Mobile Testing Requires Both Emulators & Real Devices" and see why the ideal approach to testing mobile apps is to use a combination or emulators/simulators and real devices.

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