Private Device Cloud

Get the highest security and 24x7 access to dedicated devices to enable faster delivery of mobile apps

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Why Choose a Private Device Cloud?

The private device cloud offers dedicated access to testing devices -- which is essential to any organization following a CI/ CD development model.


Dedicated to Your Organization

Get a dedicated pool of devices that are always available and only accessible to members of your organization.

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Highest Security

Have the confidence that only the right teams have access to their data with streamlined device assignments


Device Management

Ensure better device allocation by easily assigning specific devices to a team. Improve your teams’ access to scarce devices and enhance the ability to track usage. Learn more


Better Customizations

Enable specific settings which are set on the devices all the time.

Features exclusive to our private device cloud


Virtual USB Connection

Makes remote debugging easy by allowing you to interact directly with a private cloud device via an integrated development environment (IDE) like Android Studio or Xcode, your terminal, or browser-based tools.


Switch OS versions

As a private device customer, you have control over the frequency of device OS upgrades. You can also get reliable early access to beta versions of iOS and Android, which are frequently in high demand on our public cloud.


App Allowlist

Ensures that predefined apps are not removed from your private devices during our device cleaning process and that they remain on the device between sessions.


Account Allowlist

Helps you to maintain Google or iCloud Accounts on devices between sessions, and ensures they are not cleaned during the device cleaning process

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Preserve Passcode locks between sessions

Helps you test payment workflows that require passcode locks to be set on the devices and preserved between sessions.


Enterprise App Certificates

Enables you to test workflows with additional security needs (such as Apple Pay), with the ability to easily install apps signed using enterprise certificates.


Swap Devices

Allows you the flexibility to assess and request swapping of private devices (based on your contract agreement) that make the most sense for your needs.


Push Notifications

Enables you to test various push notification scenarios for iOS, to deliver a satisfactory mobile experience for your users.


Cellular Connectivity

Allows you to connect one or more of your private devices to a carrier network in order to complete testing scenarios such as receiving text messages and incoming calls on the devices. (Note: Carrier Connectivity is a private device add-on available separately for purchase through Sauce Labs.)


Choose a Public or Private Device Cloud

Sauce Labs, the world’s largest cloud-based test platform, offers both public and private cloud options for web, hybrid, and native app testing.

While our private device cloud is ideal for customers requiring a dedicated pool of devices and the highest security, our public device cloud supports a wide range of thoroughly cleaned devices to broaden your test coverage.

Benefits across our enterprise private and public device cloud:

  • A unified platform for testing across Android and iOS devices
  • Support for both automated and manual mobile tests
  • Support for popular test automation frameworks (Appium, Espresso, XCUITest)
  • Enterprise-grade security with Sauce Connect (secure proxy server) and SSO
  • Access to a team of experts to help you achieve your testing objectives
  • Enterprise-level support and customer success
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