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Driving innovation

2020 Forrester Report

Adopt Agile and DevOps to Drive Business Success

Every business is now a digital business. Find out how an improved customer experience can take yours to the next level.


Continuous testing unlocks digital confidence

EMA Research Report: The ROI of Sauce Labs

Digital confidence leads to a flawless digital experience, which can become one of your most valuable business assets. Find out just how valuable in this new report from EMA.

sauce labs robots - test all the things

See How You Compare

Continuous Testing Benchmark Report 2020

In this newly updated report, discover the benchmark metrics that help teams create digital confidence. Then see how other organizations perform against them.

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud

The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is the most trusted platform to ensure digital confidence. With Sauce, your engineering teams are able to remove testing bottlenecks and achieve real value for your business, including the ability to deliver better products, faster. This allows for real revenue growth as you provide flawless digital experiences to your customers.

Comprehensive coverage of cross-browser testing

Test Anywhere

Our cloud-based platform gives your team the ability to execute tests against hundreds of browsers/OSs, and thousands of mobile devices, from any location. No device cart required!

Continuous testing quality test

Improve Customer Experience

Run tests on front-end functionality, performance, and visual validation to give teams confidence that your apps will work exactly as intended.

Continuous testing efficiency

Accelerate Release Velocity

Run high volumes of tests with low error rates and 99% availability, and avoid bottlenecks in your release process.

Developer Saucebot

Learn more about creating digital confidence by ensuring flawless customer experiences with Sauce Labs