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Posted June 1, 2017

Sauce Labs Test Analytics Accelerates Testing and Release Processes

Sauce Labs announced Sauce Labs Test Analytics, the latest addition to the Sauce Labs Automated Testing Cloud.


Supports DevOps Initiatives by Providing Near Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Tests, Enabling Teams to Release Software Faster

SAN FRANCISCO – June 1, 2017 - Sauce Labs, Inc., provider of the world’s largest cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications, today announced Sauce Labs Test Analytics, the latest addition to the Sauce Labs Automated Testing Cloud. This latest release provides users with near real-time, multi-dimensional test analytics to optimize resources and release software faster.

“With modern development teams often distributed across the globe, it is difficult to obtain insights into testing behaviors and patterns in a way that make sense,” said Lubos Parobek, vice president of product at Sauce Labs. “Sauce Labs Test Analytics addresses this need, providing users the insights to optimize their tests, release software faster and drive CI/CD and DevOps initiatives forward.”

Sauce Labs Test Analytics brings analytics to everyone - including executives, developers, test engineers and QA teams. The platform allows users to dig deep into test results to identify critical trends. Executives can leverage a high level dashboard to get an overview of test coverage, feature readiness and releases, while more technical users can easily narrow down into individual tests to identify common failures.

Key benefits of Sauce Labs Test Analytics include:

_Quick Analysis of Data_Features an interactive click and drag GUI, providing visualization of test metrics such as number of tests, pass/fail and error rates, and more. Users can identify trends and make changes to code or practices to increase pass rates and speed code releases.

Easy Access to Build and Test StatisticsEmpowers users to dig deeper into builds and test failures. By knowing the underlying cause of test failures in aggregate, steps can be taken to resolve problems that impact the most number of tests, speeding up the overall process.

Ability to Identify Errors with the Help of Multidimensional FiltersProvides quick insight into success/failure rates by build, platform, browser, department or user. Users can drill down to specific test problem areas, with a five second granularity, to identify the root cause of systemic testing errors, and compare app stability on the latest platforms.

Optimize Your Tests to Maximize EfficiencyLets users view the level of parallelization of their tests along with concurrency usage. By optimizing tests run in parallel, you can execute more test cases, faster and use your Sauce concurrency more efficiently.

Powerful REST APIAnalytics test trend data is also available for consumption via Sauce Labs’ REST APIs. Users can aggregate analytics data into their home-grown dashboard or test analytics tools, providing a unified view of test data.

Sauce Labs provides a high-performance, cloud-based automated testing platform that is optimized for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) workflows. When tests are automated and run in parallel on virtual machines or real devices, testing time is significantly reduced and IT teams no longer need to devote time to managing testing infrastructure. When paired with a CI system, multiple development teams can instantly provision scalable resources to test web, hybrid, and native applications, continuously and affordably. Sauce Labs currently supports more than 900 browser, operating system, and device combinations.

Sauce Labs Test Analytics is currently available at no charge to all Sauce customers. For more details please contact or visit

Register for a free trial of Sauce Labs at:

Supporting Quotes“Using Sauce Labs Test Analytics, it is exciting to visually see what our test statistics look like. The new analytics will help us dig deeper into finding, isolating and resolving test issues in near real-time, so that we can work to release faster,” said Michael Millage, automation architect of a large healthcare provider.

“Sauce Labs Test Analytics has helped our team become more proactive. It offers a one-stop place for organizing insight into test errors and issues various members of our team were running into, so that we can track down the causes of test failures faster,” said Manoj Pahuja, test architect at GoDaddy.

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About Sauce LabsSauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Its award-winning service eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, freeing development teams of any size to innovate and release better software, faster.

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Jun 1, 2017
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