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Evolving Your Automated Test Suite Over Time
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in AutomationSoftware Development & Testing

In a perfect world, you'd have time to write an automated test for every piece of code that you add to your application. In the real world, that's not feasible. You have to be strategic in selecting what to automate and what not to automate. You will also find yourself having to reevaluate your automated testing strategy from time to time. As your applications change, your testing strategy should [...]

What is Your Communication Template for Testing Results?
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Software Development & Testing

In software testing, running the tests is the easy part. Communicating the results of tests to all stakeholders is what’s challenging. That’s especially true in today’s age of DevOps, which places a priority on continuous communication and continuous improvement — goals that you can only achieve when you have an effective way of sharing software testing data across your [...]

How to Future-Proof Your Mobile Testing Strategy

How can you future-proof your mobile testing strategy? Given the rate at which significant mobile hardware and software updates appear, this is a critical question to answer. Keep reading for tips on ensuring that your mobile testing workflow is ready to keep evolving, along with the mobile hardware and software it needs to support. The ever-changing nature of mobile testing One of the challenges [...]

The State of Continuous Testing in DevOps
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Continuous TestingDevOps

If you work in DevOps, you probably already know why continuous testing is valuable. Continuous testing, which refers to the use of automated tests whenever possible within the application delivery pipeline, provides end-to-end automated testing that leads to higher application quality while preserving the delivery schedule. (It can help improve security and performance, too, as automated tests [...]

Easily Run 50,000 to 200,000 Tests with Parallel Test Execution in Automation

At some point in test automation, every organization runs into a common problem: too many automated UI tests take too long to execute. But there is a solution…executing tests in parallel. In fact, this is the most powerful way to speed up suite execution. In a recent test, I was able to reduce my test suite execution time by over 500%. How did I do it? Simply by combining the Sauce Labs [...]

SauceCon Speaker Profile - Phil Wells
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

Originally published on, this is the seventh in a series of articles highlighting speakers at SauceCon 2019. SauceCon brings together the global community of Sauce Labs users and continuous testing experts to learn from each other and level up their automated testing and continuous delivery skills. This year’s event will be held April 23-25 in Austin, Texas. ----------- Phil [...]

Software Testing for Docker Containers: What's the Same, What's Different?
Posted by Vince Power in Software Development & Testing

By now, we’ve all heard of Docker containers, which have received lots of attention from developers and IT Ops teams for their ability to simplify application design, deployment and management. But what do containers mean if you’re a QA engineer? That’s a question that has received less attention. In this article, I want to address the latter question by explaining what you [...]

Best Practices for Planning a Test Automation Strategy
Posted by Michael Churchman in AutomationSoftware Development & Testing

Whether you've already made the decision to move to automated testing or you're still considering it, it is important to know what the best practices are for making the transition, and which strategies are best suited to your organization. Each application of any complexity is likely to have its own combination of testing requirements, and no two development teams are exactly alike. In this post, [...]

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