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Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Manual and automated testing on over 900 OS / Browser combinations instantly available in the Cloud. We are fast to market with Beta and new browser versions so you can ensure your app works as designed upon release.

Automate your tests with Selenium and Appium in the Cloud

Automate your tests with Selenium and Appium in our cloud to increase coverage, improve quality and shorten test times to speed releases.

Eliminate the maintence hassle of a Selenium Grid

We support the world's largest Selenium test cloud so you don't have to. Our engineers are constantly updating our cloud and adding new OSes and browsers so you can focus on testing apps. We support Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox, Opera and Chrome on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Test securely with single-use VMs

We spin up a new VM for every test which increases security and reduces test flake. No residual data or temp files from previous tests - ever.

Identify and fix bugs fast

Playback a video of your entire test or flip through screen shots. We also provide the logs and steps of every test so you can quickly troubleshoot your app.

Find the causes of flaky tests

With Extended Debugging we provide JS Console logs and HAR files so you can review browser performance and networking data to provide insights into how Selenium commands are executed.

Reliable security with Sauce Connect

Sauce Connect proxy is a software-only solution that ensures the security of your tests. Test data and apps from behind your firewall on our cloud without the hassel of setting up a hardware vpn.

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Emulators & Simulators speed testing of mobile apps

Automated testing for native, web and hybrid apps using Appium and Selenium. Since it's easy to run tests in parallel, you get results fast. And, our emulators and simulators are a much better value than real devices. Each one runs on a new VM so security is enhanced and test flake is reduced.

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Comprehensive CI server Support for Agile teams

Setup, manage and view test results all from within your continuous integration server - for Jenkins, MSFT VSTS and Bamboo as well as support for Travis CI, Circle CI, Team City and others.

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JIRA, HipChat and Slack integration for team collaboration

Simplify team collaboration with our one button click to create JIRA tickets and share test results, videos, commands, logs and metadata. Easily share test results via both HipChat and Slack.

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