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SauceCon Speaker Profile: Andy Knight

SauceCon Online 2021 brings together the global virtual community of Sauce Labs users and …

Posted Apr 14, 2021

by Rebecca Cramer

All frameworks supported by Sauce Labs

Comparing the Selenium and Cypress Testing Frameworks

Author Chris Tozzi reviews the Selenium and Cypress test frameworks and provides tips for why you …

Posted Apr 8, 2021

by Chris Tozzi

Mug with Sauce bot

Top 5 JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks in 2021

Chris Tozzi reviews the most popular JavaScript test automation frameworks and presents several …

Posted Apr 1, 2021

by Chris Tozzi

Kate Green Photo

Women in Testing: Kate Green

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the contributions and expertise of the many …

Posted Mar 29, 2021

by Rebecca Cramer

Retail and e-commerce

Maximizing the Value of Testing in Retail and e-Commerce

Creating flawless digital experiences for customers is not an option for retail and e-commerce …

Posted Mar 23, 2021

by Marcus Merrell


Speed Up JavaScript Test Automation on the Sauce Cloud

Learn how Sauce Labs seamlessly integrates Cypress, Playwright and TestCafe tests to run at scale …

Posted Feb 18, 2021

by Nancy Zenger

SL Selenium 4 blog img v1

What's Coming in Selenium 4: The New Selenium Grid

In the fourth and final post in his series, Simon Stewart continues talking about what's coming in …

Posted Jan 21, 2021

by Simon Stewart

Discussion in a meeting room

Switching from Selenium to Cypress, TestCafe or Playwright?

DevOps transformation is accelerating, and we’re seeing more and more organizations adopting native …

Posted Jan 20, 2021

by Nancy Zenger

SL Selenium 4 blog img v1

New Tricks in Selenium 4

In the third post in his series, Simon Stewart continues talking about what's coming in Selenium 4 …

Posted Nov 16, 2020

by Simon Stewart

SL Selenium 4 blog img v1

What’s Coming in Selenium 4: Why The Major Version Bump?

In the second post in this series, Simon Stewart continues talking about what's coming in Selenium …

Posted Oct 20, 2020

by Simon Stewart

SL Selenium 4 blog img v1

What’s Coming in Selenium 4: How Can I Contribute?

In this new blog series all about the upcoming release of Selenium 4, Simon Stewart will cover how …

Posted Oct 6, 2020

by Simon Stewart

Better Together: Real Devices, Emulators & Simulators for Mobile Testing

Posted Sep 24, 2020

by Matt Heusser


SeleniumConf Virtual 2020 Recap

Posted Sep 18, 2020

by Diego Molina

Top 5 iOS Testing Frameworks

*This post was originally posted by Vince Power in Sept 2017 and revised by Matthew Heusser for …

Posted Sep 11, 2020

by Matthew Heusser

Open Source Program Office

Introducing The Open Source Program Office

Posted Aug 21, 2020

by Diego Molina

Multiple screens of code

Do Low-Code Testing Solutions Offer Promise?

Posted Aug 18, 2020

by Darryl Jenkins

Titus Fortner

Q&A on Behavior-Driven Development

Posted Aug 5, 2020

by Titus Fortner

Retail and e-commerce

Continuous Testing in the Retail Industry

Posted Aug 4, 2020

by Abigail Kurtzman

Cyber security image

What Security Means for Web and Mobile Application Testing

Posted Jul 23, 2020

by Zev Brodsky

Multiple screens of code

test.allTheThings() with Cypress and TestCafe

We have expanded support for two more “developer-focused” testing frameworks: Cypress and TestCafe. …

Posted Jul 16, 2020

by Alissa Lydon

Jane MacNeil

Meet the Experts: Jane MacNeil

Posted Jun 30, 2020

by Rebecca Cramer

Man working at a table

Creating Digital Confidence with Data

Posted Jun 9, 2020

by Alissa Lydon

Titus Fortner

Meet the Experts: Titus Fortner

Posted Jun 2, 2020

by Rebecca Cramer

Sauce Labs Offers Software Testing to COVID-19 Innovators

Posted Apr 30, 2020

by Rebecca Cramer

Sauce Bot at Sauce Labs

The Time Is Now for Digital Confidence

Posted Mar 25, 2020

by Alissa Lydon

Laptop, mobile phone and a Mini

How to Test Your Mobile Apps From Anywhere

Posted Mar 18, 2020

by Heather Wellington

Sauce Labs open office space

Is BDD Automation Actually Killing Your Project?

Posted Jan 8, 2020

by Nikolay Advolodkin

Sauce Labs meeting room

What Is Automated Visual Regression Testing?

Posted Dec 10, 2019

by Twain Taylor

person working at a desk in Sauce Labs

How AI Is Changing Test Automation

Posted Oct 14, 2019

by Swaathi Kakarla

image of the new iPhone 11

Are You Ready For Testing on iPhone 11 and iOS 13?

Posted Sep 20, 2019

by Heather Wellington

man at desk at sauce labs

4 New Technologies That Are Changing Software Testing

Posted Sep 10, 2019

by Twain Taylor

People leaving a meeting room

What’s Next in Test Automation

Posted Aug 1, 2019

by Chris Riley

Two people in a discussion

The State of Test-Driven Development

Posted Jul 30, 2019

by Scott Fitzpatrick


What’s the Next Big Thing in Software Testing? Test Generation!

Posted Jul 23, 2019

by Greg Sypolt

Sauce Labs meeting room

Summer is Here! Can Your CI/CD Pipeline Bring the Heat?

Posted Jul 10, 2019

by Alissa Lydon

Speaker Bill McGee

How Verizon Media Achieved Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing at Scale

Posted Jun 20, 2019

by Alissa Lydon

Sauce bot working hard

What Does Kubernetes Mean for Software Testing?

Posted Jun 18, 2019

by Theo Despoudis

Sauce labs laptop with stickers

What DevOps Engineers Should Know About Automated Software Testing

Posted Jun 13, 2019

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Why Selenium Is My Favorite Test Automation Framework

Posted Jun 11, 2019

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Shift Left? Headless Browsers? What Does It All Mean?

Posted May 14, 2019

by Alissa Lydon

Tech Talk: The Mobile Test Pyramid

Posted Mar 26, 2019

by Kimberly Falk

How to Future-Proof Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Posted Mar 14, 2019

by Chris Tozzi

The State of Continuous Testing in DevOps

Posted Mar 13, 2019

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Using AI/ML and Production Data to Improve Software Testing

Posted Feb 14, 2019

by Greg Sypolt

Future Advances in Mobile Hardware — and What They Mean for Mobile Testing

Posted Jan 15, 2019

by Twain Taylor

Looking Back at Our Look Ahead: Revisiting 2018 Software Testing Predictions

Posted Jan 10, 2019

by Chris Riley

The What and Why of Headless Testing for Kubernetes

Posted Dec 4, 2018

by Twain Taylor

5 Tips for Building a Mobile App that People Actually Use

Posted Nov 15, 2018

by Twain Taylor

The What and Why of Testing in Production

Posted Oct 16, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

The Many Flavors of Software Testing

Posted Oct 11, 2018

by Eric Bruno

How Model-Based Testing Expands Your Test Coverage

Posted Oct 9, 2018

by Greg Sypolt

Evolving Your Testing Strategy to Support Mobile Testing

Posted Oct 4, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Advanced Support for iOS and Android Native Test Automation Frameworks Enhances Continuous Testing for Mobile App Development

Posted Sep 27, 2018

by Rebecca Cramer

The State of IoT Testing

Posted Sep 25, 2018

by Twain Taylor

The Why and How of Tap Compare Testing

Posted Aug 7, 2018

by Greg Sypolt

Three of the Latest, Greatest Software Testing Framework Updates

Posted Jul 26, 2018

by Michael Churchman

The Growing Importance of Test Automation Skills in DevOps

Posted Jul 19, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

The Evolution of Software Quality

Posted Jul 12, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Benefits of Cloud-Based Testing: It's About More than Speed

Posted Jun 21, 2018

by Chris Tozzi

Four Reasons to Move Beyond Manual Testing

Posted Jun 7, 2018

by Michael Churchman

Flash is Dead, Long Live MP4

Posted May 30, 2018

by Ken Drachnik

The Need for Continuous Testing in the Finance Industry

Posted Apr 17, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Biometric Data Challenges in Mobile Software Testing

Posted Apr 3, 2018

by Chris Tozzi

How Testing Helped Bringing Modeling to the Cloud

Posted Mar 20, 2018

by Ivan Perl

Shift-Left Continuous Testing: Eliminating Risk Through Agile Testing Practices

Posted Feb 20, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

The Return of the Browser Wars? Firefox Quantum vs. Chrome

Posted Jan 31, 2018

by Scott Fitzpatrick

Announcing Appium 1.7.2

Posted Jan 18, 2018

by Isaac Murchie

The Challenges and Benefits of Model-Based Testing

Posted Jan 17, 2018

by Greg Sypolt

Cultural Changes to Enable Better Testing and Automation

Posted Nov 22, 2017

by Twain Taylor

The Testing Buffet: Or, Why You Need Multiple Testing Framework Options

Posted Oct 25, 2017

by Chris Tozzi

The Mobile Feedback Loop

Posted Oct 5, 2017

by Justin Rohrman

The Top 5 Android UI Frameworks for Automated Testing

Posted Sep 13, 2017

by Nadia Minaev

The Mobile Build and Deploy Cycle

Posted Sep 12, 2017

by Justin Rohrman

Foxdriver: A Node.js Remote Debugging Client

Posted Sep 11, 2017

by Christian Bromann

Why You Should Be Testing in Production

Posted Sep 6, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

AI Test Automation: The AI Test Bots Are Coming

Posted Aug 22, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

How Mobile Completes Your Digital Presence

Posted Aug 10, 2017

by Ely Hechtel

Testing in Continuous Delivery: Shift Left

Posted Jul 19, 2017

by Łukasz Rosłonek

Automation Program Management, Product Owners, and Why You Need Them

Posted Jul 14, 2017

by Ashley Hunsberger

Improving Mobile Testing with Device Access

Posted Jul 10, 2017

by Twain Taylor

JIRA Cloud And BambooHR Integration

Posted Jul 5, 2017

by Gavin Mogan

Why Automated Testing is Critical to Your Mobile Applications

Posted Jun 26, 2017

by Mike Mackrory

Microservices and Quality Assurance-Or, Software Testing in the Age of Docker

Posted Jun 20, 2017

by Chris Tozzi

Achieving Continuous Integration (CI) Excellence through Test Automation

Posted Jun 14, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

Appium and StarDriver: The Language of Automation

Posted May 25, 2017

by Dan Cuellar

Things Robotium Can Do that Selendroid Can’t

Posted May 16, 2017

by Nadia Minaev

Testing Documentation: Like Pulling Teeth

Posted Apr 25, 2017

by Ashley Hunsberger

Manual Testing on Mobile Devices

Posted Apr 18, 2017

by Brena Monteiro

Hybrid Apps and the Future of Mobile Computing

Posted Mar 21, 2017

by Twain Taylor

New! Appium Desktop

Posted Mar 13, 2017

by Jonathan Lipps

Growth of Automated Testing Climbs 23 Percent

Posted Mar 10, 2017

by Rebecca Cramer

Mobile Apps and Continuous Delivery

Posted Mar 9, 2017

by Chris Tozzi

New Relic Synthetics Monitoring Using Selenium

Posted Feb 28, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

Mock Frameworks vs. Microsoft Fakes

Posted Feb 21, 2017

by Michael Churchman

Polymer Web Component Unit Testing

Posted Feb 14, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

Ten Reasons to Move to Cloud-based Testing

There are real advantages to moving your dev/test efforts to the cloud, regardless of your …

Posted Feb 7, 2017

by Eric Bruno

Using Test-Kitchen for Local Testing

Posted Jan 24, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

Functional Testing And The IoT

Posted Dec 10, 2016

by Greg Sypolt

Sauce Labs Presents Automated Testing Myth Busters!

Posted Nov 28, 2016

by Bill McGee

The Case for End-To-End Testing in the Age of DevOps

Posted Nov 23, 2016

by Mike Mackrory