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Posted March 25, 2020

The Time Is Now for Digital Confidence


Digital Experiences are Leading the Way

In these unprecedented times, everyday life has begun to change in ways we couldn’t even dream of only a few weeks ago. With the global population moving to more isolated lifestyles (remote working policies, social distancing, etc.) people are looking to digital services to help create a sense of calm and normalcy. Online ordering and delivery services are providing families with food and supplies, the volume of remote conference calls is growing exponentially, and students are logging into more online learning platforms. The digital experience will be an even more central part of all of our lives for the time being.

Companies that are providing these critical services, from retail to education, cloud applications to healthcare, are faced with a situation that, while overwhelming in the short term, can be a huge game changer for their business moving forward. Now more than ever, a flawless user experience is crucial for digital businesses that are hoping to win new market share and serve customers that are in need of their services. And put simply, the organizations that are set up for success all have one thing in common—their teams have created a strong sense of digital confidence.

Digital confidence is the idea that everyone in your organization, from leadership all the way down to the developers writing the code, expects that the applications they create function, look, and perform exactly as intended. This empowers engineering teams to continually iterate and introduce innovative new features at speed, without fear of breaking anything. It also gives leadership a sense of relief, as they are confident that their delivery pipeline is built in a way that mitigates the risks of a poor user experience. And most importantly, this feeling of digital confidence trickles down from a digital business to its customer base. The more consistently flawless their experience with a web or mobile application, the more likely that user is to feel a sense of trust, and will continue to come back as a happy repeat customer. Put simply, organizations that create digital confidence are set up for long term success.

There are many factors that contribute to the feeling of digital confidence, but none is more important than the measures of quality and the user experience. Digital leaders are aware of the earning power of a great customer experience, and are looking to testing to measure this metric. Here are some ways that quality teams are leading the way in creating digital confidence for their organizations, and where others can focus their efforts to close the gap:

  • Focus on the 360° user experience. Teams that focus on testing every aspect of the user experience are able to release with more confidence knowing that their applications work. From functionality, front-end performance, and visual validation, testing teams should be striving to create comprehensive test suites that validate users will have a flawless experience.

  • Test on any platform, from anywhere. The moment we are living in is global, and digital organizations that are able to reach users on different browsers, operating systems and mobile devices are opening themselves to even more market share. Furthermore, with the quickly growing trend of the remote-only workforce, teams must be prepared to equip their engineers with on-demand testing environments giving them access to the combinations they need to run quality checks, no matter where they are working from.

  • Accelerate release velocity. Our world is changing every day, and organizations that can keep up with the pace by providing innovative features to make customers’ lives easier are taking the lead. However, you can’t sacrifice quality for speed. Testing teams can protect a company’s digital confidence by introducing reliable quality checkpoints throughout the pipeline, without creating any bottlenecks to releasing new features at the speed users need.

By focusing on these core principles, testing can truly empower teams with the digital confidence they need, and allow for these critical services to help consumers in these uncertain times.

Sauce Labs Can Help

For any organization that is searching for ways to create digital confidence and create better user experiences. Sauce Labs has a number of resources that can help:

  • Our Continuous Testing Benchmark is a great tool for any team that needs guidance on their testing strategy. Using the data from over 2 billion tests run on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, this first-of-its kind report defines best practices for testing, along with guidance on how your strategy stacks up against similar companies based on size, industry, and more.

  • We recently conducted a study with independent researchers at Enterprise Management Associates, who produced a report on the ROI of Sauce Labs. With data from over 100 Enterprise customers, this report clearly demonstrates the business value of continuous testing with a cloud-based vendor, including real-world data on improved customer experience, increased productivity, and revenue growth.

Our award-winning Continuous Testing Cloud has helped organizations of all sizes realize true business growth by providing the comprehensive coverage, scalability, and on-demand environment that teams need to test their web and mobile applications from anywhere in the world. We have a number of flexible online plans, or you can contact our team to get a quote for a custom account.

Mar 25, 2020
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