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Posted March 4, 2024

Sauce Labs Is Now a WebdriverIO Premium Sponsor

Sauce Labs and open source testing automation framework, WebdriverIO, are partnering in a big way.

Sauce Labs x WebdriverIO

In the world of open source, the community is everything. That's precisely why we're thrilled to partner with WebdriverIO as a premium sponsor. We're investing in the talent that underpins WebdriverIO’s remarkable work in the world of software testing.

WebdriverIO has been a beacon of community-driven innovation. Unlike other projects, WebdriverIO has flourished without significant venture capital or corporate backing, and this is largely due to its passion for the community it serves. Through this sponsorship, we're providing crucial funding that fuels WebdriverIO's predominately user-generated donations. 

But this partnership goes beyond the funding. For the first time, WebdriverIO contributors can receive financial recognition for their invaluable efforts. Ultimately, the foundation of this sponsorship is built on recognizing the great minds that drive WebdriverIO forward.

Our team at Sauce Labs is so energized by the prospects of this partnership. We share a common vision with WebdriverIO: to revolutionize software testing and quality assurance.

Through this collaboration, we aim to empower developers and testers worldwide, making advanced testing tools more accessible and fostering a community where innovation thrives.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this partnership will unfold.

Jason Baum
Director of Community
Mar 4, 2024
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