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Posted September 30, 2011

Flying Saucers All 'Round The World


Here's a breakdown of upcoming events we'll be speaking at, drinking at, hanging out at, etc. If you're in the area, give us a shout on Twitter and find us to say hello!

  • 10/01: Sauce Developer Adam Christian (Windmill, has been traversing around Europe for the last few weeks. Soon he'll make his final stop at JSConf EU in Berlin, Germany, held October 1-2. He won't be speaking, but he will be around to chat about Sauce over a beer or two (bonus: he said he's buying). If you're attending the conference and are involved in testing, (mailto: with him!

  • 10/02: Jason Huggins, co-founder of Sauce, will speak at the *free* Jenkins Users Conference this Sunday at the Marines' Memorial Hotel in San Francisco. Last we heard, nearly 400 people had registered, but if you manage to get in, drop by his talk, Extreme Testing with Jenkins and Selenium. He'll start with an overview of how Selenium and Jenkins usually connect together and then cover browser testing at the extremes, including how a major U.S. airline uses Selenium and Jenkins to test its website every 20 minutes across dozens of concurrent threads. Sauce is also a sponsor so if you want some goodies, stop by our booth!

  • 10/20: New Yorkers should mark their calendars for the next NYC Selenium Meetup, scheduled for 7pm on October 20 at Yodle. The topic for this free event is mobile testing with Selenium 2.0. I'll be around to host and meet with folks who are interested in hearing more about Sauce and Selenium. We've also got a speaking slot open, so if you'd like to show off how your company is handling mobile testing, please send me an email with a brief abstract.

  • 10/25: Jason will speak at the Software Test Professionals (STP) Conference in Dallas. His talk, Web Testing with Selenium 2.0 - Better, Faster, More Awesome, will explain the benefits of using Selenium 2.0 and cover some of the big differences between Se v.1 and Se v.2. He'll also cover trends in testing and give guidance on what should and should not be tested with Selenium.

  • 10/27: And Adam Christian is once again hitting the conference circuit with a talk at GTAC titled Browser Automation with NodeJS and Jellyfish. This event is currently closed to new registrants, but if you were able to snag a slot, make sure you tweet about how awesome it is :-)

And that's what we've got so far. Happy testing!

Sep 30, 2011
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