Sauce Labs Web and Mobile Automated Testing Platform

Service Description

Sauce Labs provides a Web and Mobile Automated Test Platform in the Cloud.  The Sauce Labs PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows enterprises to perform automated (and manual) functional, regression and JavaScript unit tests using the industry standard WebDriver frameworks - Selenium for web applications and Appium for native and hybrid mobile applications.

Users can perform Cross Browser and JavaScript unit testing across hundreds of different browser and OS Combinations or native and hybrid app testing across mobile emulators and simulators or real mobile devices.  Options include web and mobile testing on a public cloud or mobile device testing on a private cloud.

Customers simply pay to test on our platform on a Concurrent Session, Device Concurrent Session, or Private Device basis subject to usage limits.  

  • A Virtual Concurrent Session is defined as:
    • Access to a supported browser on a virtual operating system in order to execute Selenium-based automated or manual tests.
    • Access to a supported emulator or simulator in order to execute Appium-based automated or manual tests.
  • A Device Concurrent Session is defined as access to a supported shared device to execute Appium-based automated or manual tests.
  • A Private Device is defined as access to a customer dedicated device to execute Appium, Espresso, or Robotium based automated or manual tests.

Key Product Features
The Sauce Labs Product includes a number of key features that are critical to enterprise organizations employing modern agile software development practices including Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps workflows, such as:

  • Hundreds of device, browser and OS combinations - reducing the need for enterprises to build out and continually maintain their own infrastructure.
  • Mass scale on demand - allowing enterprises to parallelize test execution to radically reduce execution time and accelerate the entire build process.
  • Comprehensive administrative console and reporting tools - allowing for the intuitive management of sub-accounts, usage and environment variables.
  • Rich test assets, including test metadata files, Selenium/Appium log files, screenshots and videos of each test executed – enabling rapid bug resolution and test validation.
  • Sauce Connect Proxy - providing enterprises the ability to test non-public facing applications behind the corporate firewall using TLS secure tunneling technology.
  • Numerous plugins available for CI/CD/DevOps tools in the ecosystem such as Jenkins, Atlassian (JIRA, HipChat, Bamboo), CircleCI, Team City, MS VSTS/TFS, etc. - providing seamless integration into the enterprise build pipeline toolchain.

Location of Services
All services are accessed remotely, via the Cloud, from the Sauce Labs data center(s) located in the United States of America or Germany.  Service access is available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year subject to our ‘Target Availability’.

Last Updated: December 2016