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Posted May 5, 2021

A New Paradigm for Salesforce Testing

Learn about AI-powered, low-code and no-code Salesforce app testing and how to empower citizen testers.


Just as low-code and no-code development tools are transforming velocity for the new ways that we work, low-code and no-code testing tools are also helping companies ensure that increased velocity does not equate to reduced quality. Whether building a Salesforce tool from scratch or enhancing an existing Salesforce tool, the marriage of low and no-code development with low and no-code testing tools is vital to shipping with confidence. Custom app providers must be able to deliver the future of customer experience across all Salesforce tools in the face of growing competition.

In this white paper, gain insight from Sauce Labs engineers and product managers about what it takes to ship low-code and no-code releases with digital confidence every time. First, we start by examining the full scope of Salesforce’s complexity, revealing why low and no-code approaches make more sense than trying to constantly solve for a shortage of developers who can design, build, and test with the right know-how.

Download this paper to learn more.

May 5, 2021
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