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Posted July 14, 2021

CI/CD Trend Report - Automation for Reliable Software Delivery

In May 2021, DZone surveyed software developers, SREs, platform engineers and other IT professionals to develop a report that examines the current landscape of tools and best practices to build a modern software delivery pipeline.


DevOps has become more mission critical than ever as companies worldwide move to distributed work and accelerate their adoption of cloud-native and hybrid SDLC infrastructures. In this 2021 DZone Trend Report, the authors examine what this acceleration has meant for development teams everywhere, and delves into DevOps practices that are improving the application of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release automation.

Download this trend report to learn more about:

  • Results from DZone's 2021 CI/CD: BUILD survey

  • How the newest set of tools are lowering the barrier to CI/CD

  • The use of analytics, AI and ML and DevOps and DevSecOps

  • How to adapt processes to add automated testing to your CI/CD pipeline

Jul 14, 2021
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