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Posted April 10, 2020

2020 Forrester Report: Adopt Agile and DevOps to Drive Business Success

Every business is now a digital business. Find out how an improved customer experience can take yours to the next level.


Christopher Condo, and vice president and principal analyst Diego Lo Giudice examine how organizations can leverage Agile and DevOps best practices to achieve digital business success. Drawing on extensive consumer research, the report details the growing link between customer experience and revenue growth for companies across all industries.

Download the full report today to learn how a modern approach to application delivery can drive growth for your digital business.

In this exclusive report, you'll learn:

  • How progressive organizations are transforming their processes and skills to deliver high-quality, innovative software

  • How applying Agile and DevOps best practices enable businesses to protect against both competitive and brand risks with faster delivery of higher quality software

  • How a modern approach to application delivery paves the way for companies to quickly deliver software that creates high-quality customer experiences

  • How improving customer experiences directly correlates to measurable, bottom-line revenue growth for businesses across all verticals

Apr 10, 2020
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