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Posted January 23, 2020

Test Creation, Management and Execution - The Complete Experience

In the age of CI/CD, legacy testing can create bottlenecks for teams that want to achieve faster release speeds. To avoid this stumbling block, QA teams must lead a massive undertaking in test automation, and the move to cloud-based solutions to help support scalability. However, with a number of options available, how can teams consolidate their automation efforts into one streamlined process?

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Test Creation, Management and Execution - The Complete Experience

Join Kevin Dunne, GM of TestProject with Tricentis, and Kristian Meier, Technical Director of Business Development at Sauce Labs, as they present the TestProject and Sauce Labs joint solution for full end-to-end test automation creation and execution. This session will outline the process for getting started with TestProject and Sauce Labs, and how the two solutions together allow you to:

  • Create tests for any platform in a web interface with no coding skills required.

  • Collaborate and share tests across teams from a unified cloud interface.

  • Schedule and run tests in parallel to eliminate testing bottlenecks.

  • Execute tests across any combination of browsers, operating systems and real devices.

  • Analyze test efficacy to understand flakiness, coverage, execution time, and more.

This webinar provides valuable solutions for teams that are looking to build and scale their automated test suite using best-in-class open source tools.

Jan 23, 2020
Webinar Date:
Jan 23 6:00PM (UTC+00:00)
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