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Posted March 19, 2019

Tech Talk: The Mobile Testing Pyramid

We all know that mobile apps are imperative to providing customers with quality digital experiences. However, while there has been a massive increase in mobile development activities in recent years, it seems that mobile testing still leaves teams with more questions than answers.

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Tech Talk: The Mobile Testing Pyramid

How much mobile testing should be manual? How and where can we automate mobile tests? Should we run all of our mobile tests on real devices, or something else? It seems that everyone has a different answer to all of these questions.

In this installment of Sauce Tech Talks, Senior Solutions Architect Wim Selles will explore these questions and more by introducing the Mobile Test Pyramid originally created by Kwo Ding. From discussing best practices on how to build your mobile test automation for success, to outlining the different use cases for testing on real devices, emulators and simulators and browsers, this session will leave you with ideas on how to build your own mobile testing strategy. Check out this informative Tech Talk, and ditch those phones sitting in your desk!

Mar 19, 2019
Webinar Date:
Oct 1 7:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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