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Posted October 4, 2022

Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Your Business

Between the modern remote/hybrid workforce and constantly evolving mobile landscape, maintaining physical and on-premise mobile devices is posing an increasing risk to organizations. Refusing to adapt to a cloud-based solution slows down app releases and can negatively impact your bottom line.

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Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Your Business

In this session, you will learn:

How cloud-based real device testing can reduce the total cost of ownership by 3X to 5X, eliminate the operational pain of maintenance and updates, and drive team productivity to deliver better and faster mobile app releases.

About the Speakers

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Ryan Vesely


Ryan Vesely is the Vice President of Global Solution Engineering at Sauce Labs. In this role, he leads teams focused on ensuring the customer sees value from the very beginning in the technical sale all the way through to implementation and support. He has been with Sauce Labs since 2017, prior to which he led teams at Salesforce and New Relic.

Oct 4, 2022
Webinar Date:
Sep 27 4:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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