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Posted June 9, 2023

Mobile Quality Summit: Test Creation and Management Strategies for Enterprise App Development

Discover the secrets to success in the competitive mobile industry at this complimentary event. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your mobile app testing and optimize its quality for business success.


In today's competitive mobile landscape, delivering high-quality applications is critical to business success. But ensuring this quality requires a comprehensive testing strategy.

Join us for this complimentary event where you will learn about test creation and test management and the value they can add to your testing strategy. Over the course of two sessions, you’ll learn practical insights, industry best practices, and actionable strategies to help optimize the quality of your mobile application.

Register now and take the first step towards elevating your mobile app testing processes to achieve success for your organization.

Session #1 Test Creation: Risk-Based Test Generation for Mobile: Build Quality & Go to Market Faster

Hosted by Marcus Merrell, Vice President of Technology, Sauce Labs and James Walker, Director of Technology, Curiosity Software

Revolutionize your mobile testing approach and ensure your organization keeps pace with the dynamic world of mobile app development. Discover how to accelerate mobile test creation, enhance test coverage, and achieve the necessary levels of mobile test automation in 2023 and beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • The app quality and security risks that testing must mitigate.

  • How model-based testing fills gaps in mobile test coverage.

  • How automated test optimization reduces test volume and finds bugs in-sprint.

  • How a real device cloud solution enables test execution at scale.

Watch the session replay:

Webinar: Risk-Based Test Generation for Mobile: Build Quality & Go to Market Faster

Session #2 Test Management: Orchestrating Testing Efforts for Enterprise Success

Hosted by Diogo Rede, Solution Architect, and Heather Vercillo, Product Marketing Manager, TestRail

Uncover the challenges of implementing test automation in today's evolving software development landscape. Learn how integrating comprehensive test management with a centralized platform can boost testing efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to overcome challenges in test automation and keep up with the speed of development.

  • Gain insights into streamlining your testing efforts and saving time and effort.

  • Understand the importance of end-to-end traceability and improved collaboration for your QA team.

  • Discover how TestRail and Sauce Labs can enhance visibility and reporting in your testing processes.

Watch the session replay:

Webinar: Orchestrating Testing Efforts for Enterprise Success


Marcus Merrell on a blue background

Marcus Merrell


As Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, Marcus uses experience from 20+ years in test to build robust, customer-centric solutions around test automation, release management, and the entire SDLC. He started using Selenium/WebDriver in 2007, contributes to the Selenium project, and chairs the Selenium Conference Organizing Committee.

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James Walker

James Walker


James Walker is Director of Technology at Curiosity Software and brings years of experience in successful software delivery. James has collaborated closely with a range of organizations to identify and resolve their QA needs and has invented several success Model-Based Testing technologies. James’ wealth of expertise will be on offer during the webinar, including a live Q&A to help you to identify how model-based testing might be a good fit at your organization.

Diogo Rede

Diogo Rede


Diogo Rede is a Solution Architect & Testing Advocate at TestRail. He has more than 9 years of experience in QA engineering, starting as a functional tester and then specializing in test automation. He has always promoted a structured testing approach with a focus on automation, and has helped teams in many fast-paced development companies to improve testing processes and tooling.

Heather Vercillo

Heather Vercillo


Heather Vercillo is a Product Marketing Manager at TestRail, a test management software that helps QA and development teams speed up testing, improve product quality and ship releases faster. In the last 10 years, she has focused on blazing her own career path through various roles as Lab Technician, Software Development Manager and Marketing Manager. She loves understanding how the parts of a business interact with each other, driving remarkable customer experiences, and explaining a solution’s value.

Jun 9, 2023
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