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Posted July 13, 2016

Automation Best Practices

Open source tools have proven to be very capable in handling advanced automation projects, and companies are increasingly adopting a number of them.

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Automation Best Practices

But to speed up software development pipelines and ease manageability of the process, developing effective automation strategies is also key.

Join Sauce Labs’ Automation Specialist and Selenium project contributor, Leo Laskin, as he discusses the value of open source in testing. He will also share his personal experience in moving from manual to automated testing, the lessons he has learned, and the steps he took to build a powerful, international test coding army.

The talk will also cover:

  • The good, bad and ugly when writing and testing code through automation

  • Challenges faced, including navigating around XPath and development best practices

  • Popular, key automation practices attendees can use to build their own coding armies

Jul 13, 2016
Webinar Date:
Jul 13 7:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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