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Posted May 6, 2021

Test Automation Day Online | Mobile Testing


With more and more users turning to smartphones and tablets to browse, work, shop, and play, delivering reliable mobile applications and the best possible user experience is more important now than ever before. From adding a good mix of mobile emulators/simulators and real devices to mobile beta and API testing, a comprehensive mobile testing strategy is critical to delivering better web, hybrid, and native mobile apps to the market, faster.

Join us on May 26 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT for Test Automation Day Online | Mobile Testing.

This half-day virtual event will provide mobile testing tips, best practices, and actionable insights for modern mobile development and QA teams working to build seamless and secure apps in today’s digital-first world. Learn how to simplify mobile test automation, accelerate app releases, and optimize your mobile beta testing and app development processes to deliver a flawless digital experience.

Sauce Labs experts will explore the pros and cons of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as an alternative to native mobile apps, and discuss the key similarities and differences between Appium and native frameworks (Espresso, XCUITest) and when to use which.

In conversation with TestFairy CEO Yair Bar-On, Elad Gelman will share how HoneyBook built a mobile application that took their startup to a $1B company.

Sessions will cover:

  • How mobile app development can drive business and revenue growth

  • How to test the alternative of native apps i.e. progressive web apps

  • Appium vs. Espresso/XCUITest: Pros and Cons

  • Sauce Labs product news and what’s next in mobile testing

See the event agenda here.

About the Speakers

Elad Gelman


Elad Gelman is the Mobile Engineering Lead at HoneyBook, the leading client experience and financial management platform for independent service-based business owners.

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Yair Bar-On

Yair Bar-On


Yair Bar-On is the Director of Product Innovation at Sauce Labs. He started his career as a QA engineer, moved to R&D and from there to product and marketing. Yair co-founded TestFairy in 2013 and joined Sauce Labs in March 2021.

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Wim Selles


Wim Selles, currently serving as Staff Product Manager Mobile at Sauce Labs, has a 12-year track record in automation engineering. His history with Sauce Labs dates back to 2018, beginning as a Senior Solution Architect. A longtime Appium advocate, he is well-versed in helping customers navigate the maze of automation issues. Intrigued by the mobile space, Wim regularly undertakes his own technical investigations and even codes his own apps, aiming to fully grasp the challenges developers encounter.

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Kunal Jain

Kunal Jain


Kunal is Director of Product at Sauce Labs. Previously, he worked at CircleCI where he was responsible for the developer experience and insights offerings. Besides shipping capabilities to customers, he was part of the end of life initiative to decommission CircleCI’s older platform. Before CircleCI, he was at ThoughtWorks where he played multiple roles (quality analyst, agile coach, and product manager) across multiple geographic locations. When he is not at work, you can find him hiking somewhere in the Bay Area, making coffee, or planning his next trip.

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Ashwini Sathe

Ashwini Sathe


Ashwini Sathe is a product marketing professional and go-to-market strategy expert with experience in launching technology solutions in the software testing, RPA, and AI space. In her current role as the senior product marketing manager at Sauce Labs, she collaborates cross-functionally to understand customer needs and define compelling product narratives. Her goal is to bring innovative solutions to the market that help businesses to deliver the best possible digital experiences.

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Marcus Merrell on a blue background

Marcus Merrell


As the Resident Testing Strategist at Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell uses experience from 20+ years in test to build robust, customer-centric solutions around test automation, release management, and the entire SDLC. He started using Selenium/WebDriver in 2007, contributes to the Selenium project, and chairs the Selenium Conference Organizing Committee.

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May 6, 2021
Event Date:
May 26, 2021
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