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Posted December 21, 2021

Sauce Labs Announces Backtrace Co-Founder & CEO Abel Mathew as Chief Technology Officer


SAN FRANCISCO – December 21, 2021 – Sauce Labs Inc., the leading provider of continuous test and error reporting solutions, today announced the addition of Abel Mathew to its Executive Team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mathew joined Sauce Labs in July 2021 with the acquisition of Backtrace where he was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In this new role, Mathew is responsible for the global Engineering teams across Sauce Labs, including those from the acquisitions of API Fortress, Test Fairy and AutonomIQ. John Kelly, who previously held the CTO title, becomes Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and continues to lead innovation, development, and M&A strategies at Sauce Labs.

Mathew takes responsibility for Engineering as Sauce Labs delivers its vision for a DevOps Test Toolchain with manual and automated testing for every framework, every device, every OS and every user experience into a single platform, allowing development teams to release higher quality software at accelerated speed. The acquisition of Backtrace gives Sauce Labs customers the ability to observe and quickly remediate their applications' behavior in development, test and production environments. Sauce Labs acquired Backtrace in June 2021, and since then the business has continued to grow at record levels and now boasts 17 of the top 20 global game developers in its customer base.

"The addition of Abel Mathew to our Executive team as Chief Technology Officer is a testament to his success in building Backtrace as a leader in error reporting for the gaming industry, and the successful integration between our two companies," commented Aled Miles, President and CEO of Sauce Labs. "Customer expectations for a flawless trusted experience are making test and error reporting cycles critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Abel brings a wealth of technology leadership experience, innovation and passion, and I look forward to continuing the strong partnership we have enjoyed since the acquisition."

Prior to founding Backtrace I/O in 2014, Mathew was Head of Engineering, Optimization at AppNexus leading a team of developers to improve client ad optimization while reducing platform-wide costs. Prior to AppNexus, Mathew was a kernel module and tool developer at IBM and began his career as a Performance Analysis Engineer at AMD. Mathew holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

"Software developers are under pressure to deliver more compelling end-user experiences, getting them into market faster with minimal impact to application quality," commented Abel Mathew, CTO at Sauce Labs. "Sauce Labs understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to software quality and the drive to deliver a cohesive set of solutions that add immediate value to the software development lifecycle is resonating with our customers from gaming to e-commerce. I am excited to transition into the role of CTO at Sauce Labs and be at the forefront of innovation in this industry."

Integration of Acquired Technology Continues

The acquisition of AutonomIQ in February 2021, added AI capabilities to the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud platform to accelerate the identification and remediation of common errors in both development and production, using plain English to create and maintain test assets. Today, users have the ability to set their individual Sauce credentials within AutonomIQ and can seamlessly execute AutonomIQ low-code scripts on the Sauce Labs Virtual Device Cloud (VDC) utilizing Sauce Connect SOC2 compliant tunnels.

Further strengthening its mobile testing capabilities, the acquisition of Test Fairy for Mobile Beta Testing allows for iOS and Android app testing with real users, enabling mobile developers to continuously iterate and launch better apps in shorter development cycles. Test Fairy recently passed a significant integration milestone and is now available as a mobile app beta program for existing Sauce Labs customers through the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud.

Sauce Labs acquired API Fortress in December 2020, and since then has fully integrated complete API testing and monitoring into the Sauce Labs platform. Customers can aggregate test data and practices across UI, mobile and API for significant improvements in test efficiency, observability and debugging. Sauce Labs protects API testing and monitoring with free Sauce Connect tunnels, comprehensive security certification, and proof of compliance.

"Today, nearly every brand experience starts online, and business success is critically dependent on the quality of the software that delivers it. We are building a comprehensive platform that makes it easier to make software that works for everyone, everywhere and every time," concluded Miles.

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Sauce Labs is the leading provider of continuous test and error reporting solutions that give companies confidence to deliver a flawless digital brand experience. The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud identifies quality signals in development and production, accelerating the ability to release and update software that looks, functions, and performs exactly as it should on every browser, operating system and device, every single time. Sauce Labs is a privately held company funded by Adams Street Partners, Centerview Capital Technology, IVP, Riverwood Capital, Salesforce Ventures and Toba Capital. For more information, please visit

Dec 21, 2021
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