Selenium Testing

Run tests in the cloud on over 700 browser configurations without the hassle of maintaining infrastructure.

Works with your setup

  • Write tests in the most popular languages, including Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, or C#, using any test framework. Run tests from your CI system or straight from your command line, the same way you’d run them locally.

  • Specifying which platform configurations you want to run tests on is as easy as setting the desired capabilities for your tests. We automatically use the latest and most stable version of Selenium, but you can set whatever version you’d like to use in the desired capabilities. See our Test Configuration documentation for a complete list of the many options and features available when testing on Sauce.

Test securely in the cloud

  • Your Selenium tests are run in real browsers in our secure data center on a real operating system, in a dedicated, single-use VM. After the test run, the VM is completely destroyed, ensuring your data is never exposed to future sessions.

  • You can also test local and firewalled apps while maintaining control over proxy and access policies using Sauce Connect™ proxy, our secure tunneling technology.

Access time-saving tools and reports

  • While your tests are running, you have access to a live remote desktop session. You can manually take control of the VM or “breakpoint” the test to stop the test session and investigate a problem.

  • After your tests are completed we provide a full report of the run with metadata, Selenium and console logs, and a complete list of commands and responses. You can also flip through screenshots taken after every page-altering command or watch a video recording of the whole test.

Selenium testing with Continuous Integration

Sauce is optimized for testing in a continuous integration workflow with a focus on reliability and scale. By running tests concurrently on Sauce, you can keep your build quick without sacrificing coverage.

Integrate with your CI system

We have plugins for Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Circle CI, and TeamCity that allow you to integrate your testing on Sauce with your build and embed your Sauce test results within the display of test results. Read more about our Continuous Integration platform support.

Built for reliability

Selenium tests are run on brand new VMs every time, which results in fewer infrastructure-related false failures. We’ve also built measures into our platform to detect and prevent failures, such as detecting when browsers fail to start properly and automatically restarting them before tests begin.

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