Solving the Key Challenges in the Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Posted Jun 1st, 2021

This paper discusses the key challenges modern mobile teams face in mobile application development and testing and suggests solutions to overcome them and optimize mobile application testing.

In a heavily fragmented mobile environment, developing applications compatible with multiple platforms and validating dynamic real-user conditions represents a big challenge. Mobile QA teams face unique challenges to scale mobile test automation and get complete visibility into the application performance, and mobile developers struggle to get real-user feedback so they can iterate, debug, and release better app versions faster, as mobile is remote, by definition.

Further, user ratings and rankings in the app stores directly influence the lifecycle of an app and determine its failure or success. Thorough testing of mobile applications, using different test scenarios to ensure compatibility and seamless functionality is more crucial than ever.

Download the white paper and learn how to:

  • Increase real device and test coverage
  • Economically scale mobile test automation
  • Cover the breadth of mobile use cases
  • Streamline mobile app beta testing
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