Mobile Application Testing Reference Guide

Posted Aug 1st, 2017

Read our comprehensive guide to planning a mobile application testing strategy.

If you develop mobile applications, you already understand the why of software testing. You know that testing ensures your applications will perform as expected in production and deliver a consistent experience to end users that will earn you 5-star ratings in app stores.

Yet the how of mobile application testing can be more complicated. While an automated testing solution like Sauce Labs handles many of the tedious tasks for you, you still have to decide which types of devices and operating system versions to test across.

That’s why we’ve created this reference for you. It offers comprehensive guidance for planning a mobile application testing strategy. We have collected and organized device and OS data based on popularity with consumers in North America, EMEA and the rest of the world based on our analysis of mobile usage trends from several sources.

While we can’t tell you exactly which hardware and software platforms to test (that’s of course a decision that varies from organization to organization), we can help you to clarify the biggest unknowns and get started in designing a mobile application testing strategy that meets all of your needs.

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