How Financial Institutions Can Reap Dividends From Automated Testing and DevOps

Posted Jul 1st, 2017

DevOps offers a number of valuable benefits to companies in the financial services industry. To date, however, adoption of DevOps practices within this sector has been limited due to the difficulty of overhauling legacy practices, strict compliance needs and other challenges. By adopting automated testing, financial services companies can overcome these hurdles and reap the benefits of DevOps in order to stay agile and be more competitive.

A number of major financial services companies, including Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, USAA, Fidelity and Intuit, have already embraced DevOps by taking advantage of automated testing and other techniques that help organizations implement a DevOps culture.

For companies that have yet to embark on the DevOps journey, the time to start is now. Regardless of the type of hardware or software a company uses, the stability or compliance goals it needs to meet, or the nature of the competition it faces, DevOps is crucial to staying agile and relevant today.

And while the DevOps journey may seem intimidating, automated testing can do much to make it simple.

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