DevOps is Crippled Without Continuous Integration

Posted May 1st, 2015

Learn more about DevOps and the ability to drive more frequent, higher quality releases.

The idea of shipping code faster has been a priority since the practice of software development began. Therefore it would not come as a surprise that DevOps is about more frequent, higher quality releases. With this as their motivation, modern development shops naturally embrace the ideas behind DevOps that help them achieve these goals.

What makes DevOps different from traditional approaches to development is its focus on people first. It takes people to build a strong software development engine. (On the other hand, people have been the source of many delayed releases.) Only when deliberate communication between teams is established can organizations embrace the modern practices of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. These processes and tools all share the component of taking code automatically upon a developer’s commit and moving it into an environment for testing, integration, staging, or production. Together, they are at the heart of what is called the DevOps practice. To become a DevOps shop, organizations must first embrace continuous integration (CI).

This paper discusses the what, why, and how of CI and its role in the modern development process.

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