Automated Testing: The Glue That Holds DevOps Together

Posted May 5th, 2022

Automated and live testing

Organizations must integrate software testing into their continuous delivery pipelines to realize the full benefits of DevOps.

DevOps is now a well-established discipline. But not all organizations are doing DevOps efficiently or maximizing its potential value.

A mistake many organizations make as they embrace DevOps is failing to integrate testing successfully into their DevOps processes. Without automating software quality tests as much as other stages of the CI/CD pipeline, businesses are likely to face software delivery delays, poor quality in production applications, or both.

Automated testing is therefore the key to the successful integration of quality assurance into DevOps workflows. It is the only way to ensure that quality assurance is as continuous, agile, and reliable as the rest of the DevOps operation.

Ultimately, automated testing is the glue that binds together all of the other processes that comprise the continuous delivery pipeline. Without automated testing, DevOps just doesn’t work.

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