API Testing Automation and Monitoring: Avoid a False Sense of Security

Posted May 5th, 2021

This white paper provides an overview of Sauce IPSec Proxy architecture to assist customers. Learn how reusing E2E functional API tests as monitors in production transforms SLAs.

Dive into the stories behind several devastating API bugs that impacted five well-known large enterprises. Learn how “false positives” and other uncaught problems due to conventional testing and monitoring caused these companies to deploy unreliable and, at times, vulnerable APIs.

You'll also learn:

  • Why Weak API Monitors Are Failing You

  • How to test the validity of fields with intelligent assertions

  • What are the important differences between uptime and functional uptime (requiring shift-right testing)

Functional Uptime Monitoring Enables: 

  • Data-driven and end-to-end approaches for both automated testing and monitoring

  • Use of dynamic data-driven testing to increase the chances of finding bugs

  • Checking of entire API consumer flows with side effects to increase API observability

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