Low-Code Development Trend Report - Empowering Business Users, Enabling Developers

Posted Sep 8th, 2021

In July 2021, DZone surveyed software developers, architects, and other IT professionals in order to understand the state of low-code development. This trend report will show that the prevalence of low-code development is much higher than the authors expected, and will discuss the utility of low-code platforms, including testing.

Citizen developers comprising business teams can now use low code to do more with less. The citizen automation they drive could begin freeing up the significant time spent on inefficient processes and in areas where they’d otherwise need dedicated development support.

Operationally, overnight low-code tools return time and resources to both business and IT teams, while also allowing them to use the same tools to innovate, scale, deploy, and prototype faster.

In this age of hyper-automation, low-code solutions enable entire companies — regardless of an individual’s technical background — to increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Download this trend report to learn more about:

  • Ideal and actual low-code development by problem domain

  • Interaction of low-code and full-code development

  • Quality and maintainability of software built via low-code vs. full-code methods

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