Two Functions, One Solution: Sauce Performance

Application performance and degradation continues to be something that most teams tackle at the end of their development cycle. In order to shift testing left or earlier in the software development cycle, performance testing must be completed early and often.

Sauce Labs introduces Sauce Performance: a single solution for front-end performance and functional testing using new or existing Selenium tests.

Join Yaroslav Borets, Sauce Labs Product Manager, and Clint Sprauve, Product Marketing Director and learn how the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud helps you to shorten your testing cycles with an algorithm and experientially driven front end, performance testing capability by:

  • Increasing developer productivity - With root cause analysis, teams can resolve performance issues quickly and detect front-end performance issues early in the software development lifecycle
  • Developing Apps Faster - continuously track front-end app performance early in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Improving Customer Experience - get better insights through key front-end performance metrics to understand real-world user interaction with the application under test (AUT).

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