Introduction to Sauce Headless

Posted Nov 13th, 2018

Webinar Date: Nov 13th, 2018

Join Sauce Labs Product Manager, Sam Coffman and Software Engineer, Christian Bromann as they discuss Sauce Headless beta, benefits of headless testing and where it fits into the pipeline.

As Continuous Testing becomes a requirement for teams to deliver quality apps at the speed their users demand, testing is shifting left, and developers want to run component tests as they develop their code. But the volume and frequency this type of testing requires is not well suited to cross browser testing clouds.

To help address this challenge, Sauce Labs is developing a new offering to complement its industry-leading functional testing platform - Sauce Headless. Using container technology and headless Chrome and Firefox browsers, Sauce Headless will offer developers a lightweight solution to run tests with every pull request. It is easy to set up, and is fast and cost-effective enough to run numerous component tests early in the development process.

Sauce Labs is preparing a public beta of Sauce Headless, and we are looking for customers who would be willing to try it out and give honest feedback before its release. Join Sauce Labs Product Manager, Sam Coffman and Software Engineer, Christian Bromann as they:

  • Review the benefits of early end-to-end testing on Sauce Headless
  • Describe where to incorporate headless testing unto your pipeline so developers can get instant feedback on every pull request
  • Explain how simple it is to move your tests to Sauce Headless in our beta program
  • Outline the criteria for customers who are interested in participating in the Sauce Headless beta

UPDATE: Sauce Headless launched on April 24, and is now available for purchase. To learn more about the offering, and how to get started, please visit the Sauce Labs website


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