Get Ready for Selenium 4!

Selenium 4 is coming soon, and will contain new features like W3C compatibility, improved documentation, and more. However, many people have been wondering how some of these changes will affect their existing Selenium tests. And while the short answer is that your tests don’t need to change to be compliant with W3C, there are some big implications in how this updated Selenium version will interact with Sauce Labs. This webinar is a must-attend for all Sauce Labs customers who are using Selenium for their testing, as it will outline the best process to prepare for the release of Selenium 4.

Join Marcus Merrell, Director of Technical Services at Sauce Labs, and Alissa Lydon, Product Marketing Manager, as they discuss:

  • Some of the new features you can expect with the launch of Selenium 4
  • How this new version of Selenium may affect the way your existing tests interact with Sauce Labs
  • The simple, one-step process to ensure that your tests continue to work as expected when Selenium 4 drops in February

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