Accelerating Innovation: Leveraging Open Source to Optimize Your Shift Left Initiatives

Posted Oct 29th, 2019

Webinar Date: Oct 24th, 2019

Whether you’re in retail, technology, finance, or anything in between, chances are yours is a digital business, the success of which depends on continuously delivering fast, visually appealing and functionally flawless web and mobile applications to your customers. Aiming to accelerate release cycles, improve the quality of their applications, and drive a better overall experience for their users, organizations large and small are investing heavily in DevOps. And yet, many of those same organizations are still struggling to achieve quality at speed.

This missing ingredient for many? Open source.

In this in-depth webcast, Joanna Schloss and Thomas Boyles of Sauce Labs will join Bloor Group analyst Eric Kavanaugh to examine the link between open source and successful DevOps. Drawing on their personal experience as engineers building technology within a DevOps framework, Schloss and Boyles will discuss:

  • Why open source technologies are often the missing link for businesses struggling to achieve their DevOps objectives

  • How progressive organizations are leveraging open source to optimize their shift-left initiatives, implement automated testing and accelerate innovation

  • How open source can simultaneously insulate your organization against risk while also encouraging exploration and innovation

  • The role and relevance of open source for different players in the DevOps world, from QAs and SDETs to developers and heads of engineerin


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