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Posted April 14, 2022

Ensure Flawless Execution of Oracle Releases with AI-Powered Test Automation

Learn how low-code, AI-powered test automation enables you to conduct faster, more comprehensive testing and ensure flawless Oracle releases.

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Ensure Flawless Execution of Oracle Releases with AI-Powered Test Automation

Modern Oracle environments are constantly changing with rapid, inflexible release cycles and other development changes that impact complex business processes and take place across multiple applications. Enterprises that rely on packaged Oracle applications face frequent releases and updates throughout the year, plus patches and fixes to address bugs and security issues.

Ongoing updates to business and regulatory environments, corporate innovation initiatives, and agile development efforts add persistent challenges to ensuring flawless execution of Oracle releases. Manual testing cannot keep up with the multi-cloud transformations of today’s digital expectations.

In this presentation, learn how AutonomIQ Sauce Labs enables you to conduct faster, more comprehensive testing of mission-critical business processes with very little to no programming knowledge.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Accelerate Oracle releases to drive enterprise efficiency

  • Increase regression coverage and reduce weeks from a project’s testing schedule

  • Reduce risk by ensuring business processes are functioning properly with low-code continuous automation

About the Speakers

Sumit Saha

Sumit Saha


Sumit is Chief Strategy Officer for Think Perfect, a IT Services organization focused on delivering Oracle Implementation, Cloud Strategy, and Managed Services. He has been delivering Human Capital Management and Financial systems Implementations since 1999 across 104 clients across Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. He worked across industries – Public Sector, Higher Education, Financial Service and Retail. Through his years of experience, he continues to strive in optimizing the approach planning for an implementation, managing risk during an implementation, and enabling a sustainable footprint for clients to realize benefits.

Apr 14, 2022
Webinar Date:
Apr 7 4:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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