Every Experience Counts

Posted June 24, 2024
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In this new report, we explore the relationship between broken experiences, lost consumer trust, and topline revenue.

For Every Experience Counts, we surveyed 500 consumers who use the digital products your team helps create. The 38-page report contains vital takeaways for QA and product teams, and explores the relationship between broken experiences, lost consumer trust, and topline revenue.

A few highlights from the report: 

  • Customer churn: 57% said they’d consider switching to a competitor after just 3-4 negative interactions with a company’s website, software, or mobile app.

  • Financial impact: 70% said poor digital experiences have a moderate, serious, or extreme impact on their purchasing decisions.

  • Security concerns: 70% said security issues have a moderate to extreme impact on their purchases, with consumer security concerns rising significantly with age.

It also contains real-life stories about: 

  • What it's like for people when things go sideways online

  • How bad (sometimes harmful) digital experiences can change how people perceive companies and hurt people’s lives

  • How bad digital experiences sway purchasing decisions, and have dramatically negative effects on the bottom line

When bugs, hacks, and inconsistent experiences are this common (42% of the time) and this expensive (3-4 strikes and people churn), they are a multi-million dollar revenue sucker punch.

Yesterday’s error rates are no longer acceptable. To consumers and your business, every single experience counts. Read the report.

Jun 24, 2024
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