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Posted May 23, 2023

Charles Schwab Deploys Code 4x More Frequently with Sauce Labs Cross-Browser Testing

Charles Schwab, a multinational financial services company, can now run web application test suites in seven minutes instead of eight hours and shipping high-quality code more often with Sauce Cross Browser.



Charles Schwab needed a solution that could help them scale testing for their automated investing web application, The Schwab Intelligent Portfolio. 

The company was handling a large portion of their testing processes manually by utilizing an in-house solution paired with multiple tools. They were also maintaining quality ownership solely within the QA team, which created silos between developers and testers. Between the manual test workflows and fragmented team collaboration, testing was slow and inefficient, with total test suite execution time taking eight hours. 

Manual testing not only slowed down testing time, but it also drove costs up, increased downtime and deployment risk, and created gaps in the user experience. Solving this web of complex issues across the SDLC required a new testing platform that could support the organization’s unique business needs.

Charles Schwab chose to partner with Sauce Labs to achieve faster test execution speed, efficiency, and reliability at scale.

Charles Schwab Case Study Video


Automating with Sauce Cross Browser allowed Charles Schwab to expand their testing capabilities, including performance testing, checking code, and faster feedback. Sauce Labs also enabled Charles Schwab’s web team to test faster and reduce the length of their release cycles. In their first application deployment cycle with Sauce Labs, the team finished testing 10 days before an application release date.  

Sauce Labs also helped Charles Schwab eliminate late stage bugs by breaking down silos between development and QA teams. The inclusion of developers in quality ownership and new shared responsibility between teams has transformed the organization’s culture.

Developers now find and fix errors and issues more quickly with fast, high quality feedback from Sauce Labs. This cultural shift has led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and risk mitigation. Said Charles Schwab Director of Technology Bala Mukund about this transformation: “We are now delivering more quality software and features to our clients.”

With Sauce Labs, we’ve been able to increase our throughput and speed of automation as well as quality.

Mike Schober

Managing Director of Technology


Since partnering with Sauce Labs for web testing, Charles Schwab has increased their test execution speed by 60X and reduced costs by 30%. The ability to accelerate test speed and efficiency at scale while shortening release cycles increased code deployment frequency by 4X.

Because of Sauce Labs, the Charles Schwab testing organization has achieved the test scalability, efficiency, and speed they needed to go to market faster. Developers work on feature code and run automated tests directly within the application, and the entire web team works more collaboratively.

With test automation running as fast as it does now, it’s fully scalable to the enterprise.

Mike Schober

Managing Director of Technology

Thanks for reading this case study from a previous SauceCon event. For more customer success stories, check out other Sauce Labs case studies.

May 23, 2023
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