Web Application Testing

Posted Apr 2nd, 2019

Why you should be testing your web apps and a few benefits for organizations.

It is no secret that quality web applications are the key to happy customers, and winning in your market. Once considered an afterthought, web application testing has now become a strategic enabler for companies of all sizes. It helps organizations as they look for ways to provide innovative digital experiences for their users. Teams that are able to implement a sound web and app testing strategy see a number of benefits:

  • Better quality - more web testing mean less bugs, and less bugs lead to satisfied users!

  • Increased development velocity - testing apps helps to catch bugs earlier in the development process. You won’t be bogged down with tracking down issues which means you can release updates and new features more quickly, and with increased confidence.

  • Improved productivity - developers don’t want to spend their time chasing down bugs! A sound testing strategy allows them to focus on what they love to do - creating awesome new features for customers.

For over ten years, Sauce Labs has been helping teams see these benefits by providing the world’s largest continuous testing cloud for web application testing. With the most comprehensive collection of browsers and operating systems, integrations to the industry’s most popular DevOps tools, a full suite of debugging tools and more, Sauce Labs is the secret sauce to delivering better quality web applications faster.

To learn more, check out this overview of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud. Or better yet, see it for yourself by signing up for our 2-week free trial.

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