Sauce Labs Launches New Front-End Performance Testing Solution to Accelerate App Delivery and Improve User Experiences

Posted Apr 2nd, 2019

  • New Sauce Performance offering evolves company portfolio beyond functional testing  
  • Combines front-end performance testing with functional testing to increase developer productivity   
  • Enables developers to identify and address front-end application performance issues early in the delivery pipeline to speed app development and deliver more reliable user experiences

SAN FRANCISCO – April 2, 2019Sauce Labs Inc., provider of the world’s most comprehensive and trusted continuous testing cloud, today announced the launch of Sauce Performance, a new front-end performance testing solution that expands the company’s solutions beyond functional testing and enables organizations to more quickly and reliably deliver applications to customers. Combining both front-end performance and functional testing into a single solution, Sauce Performance provides developers with actionable insight into performance issues early in the CI/CD pipeline. This empowers developer teams to work faster and more productively, while ensuring an optimal user experience for their customers. 

In the digital era, quality is defined by more than just features and functionality. Speed to market and user experience are now equally important to customers, creating pressure for developers to rapidly deliver flawless web and mobile applications. Against this backdrop, the traditional approach of conducting application performance testing late in the software development process, and focusing on backend load/stress testing, is no longer effective. Developers need to identify and resolve both functional and front-end performance issues as early in the development process as possible. With Sauce Performance as part of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, they can now do just that.

“Developers at digitally driven organizations have made shifting left and implementing continuous testing throughout the software delivery pipeline a top priority, and front-end performance testing is critical to those efforts,” said Lubos Parobek, VP of Products, Sauce Labs. “By enabling developers to pinpoint and fix front-end performance issues as part of their continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, Sauce Performance reduces the tangible and intangible costs incurred when issues are found late in the development lifecycle. Combined with the upcoming release of our new headless testing solution, Sauce Labs continues to lead the way for organizations looking to shift testing left.”

Two Functions, One Solution
Today’s front-end performance testing solutions typically require a complex integration with a load/stress testing tool, or a separate application performance monitoring tool altogether, creating an added layer of productivity-saping complexity for developers. Sauce Performance simplifies the process by allowing developers to use existing Selenium test scripts to capture both functional and performance test data. This gives developers detailed front-end performance metrics, algorithmically recommended baselines, and root cause analysis, without needing to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure.

Additional features and customer benefits of Sauce Performance include: 

  • Root Cause Analysis. Enables teams to resolve performance issues quickly and detect front-end performance issues early in the software development lifecycle. By using performance trace logs, development teams can easily pinpoint issues in the underlying code.
  • Front-End Reporting and Analytics. Provides developers with deep insight into user experience by capturing metrics such as Time to First Meaningful Paint, Time to First Interactive, Page Weight, Speed Index and more.
  • Algorithmic Baselines. Captures application performance metrics and automatically discovers true regressions, improving developer productivity.
  • Debugging log. Uses trace data and film strip as the ultimate debugging log to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.

Sauce Performance is available now. For more information, visit the Sauce Performance landing page.

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